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For most women out there, having ‘legs to die for’ is one of our top fitness goals. Female training should differ from male, as most men will base the majority of their training on upper body and have one day per week for legs, whereas women might benefit from training legs more often than upper body – depending on their ultimate goals. I have personally been recommended to train legs up to four times a week by IFBB pro Candice Lewis.

For weight training, you can split your days into: quads and calves; glutes; hamstrings; and full legs and calves in one intensive session once a week. Cardio is an important part of training to keep lean, so you can appreciate your toned legs and combat cellulite.

Here at Monster Supplements, we sell equipment and one great bit of kit is an aerobic stepper for home use. Reebok the Deck is currently on sale at £108.98 (reduced from £129.99) and comes with a workout DVD and resistance tube.

Here’s an aerobic workout you can perform in under 30 minutes using the stepper.

  • 1 minute jog using the step up
  • 20 backwards lunges alternating legs
  • 20 forwards lunges alternating legs
  • 20 bench hops knees high
  • 20 squats touching your bottom onto the step each rep, using the tube for resistance
  • 1 minute rest
  • Repeat 3 more times

Another great bit of cardio kit for the home is the Golds Gym Lt Mini Stepper, which is designed for fat burning with its unique movement and multi-muscle targeting action. Simple to use, small and easy to store away, the mini stepper is currently only £47.99 (reduced from £59.99). Whilst watching TV, you could spend 20 to 30 minutes a day toning those legs up with minimal disruption to your busy schedule. You could even take this small piece of equipment to work with you to fit your training in.

sl squat

My fourth tip for toning your legs is the use of a fat burner, which you would take before training. Most fat burners will contain natural stimulants such as caffeine to enhance your workout, but also will likely contain other ingredients such as green tea, L- carnitine, ginseng, bitter orange and/ or cayenne. They use a thermogenic effect to help elevate your body temperature and increase metabolism and may help to control hunger cravings. You will find you have much more energy and drive to get your workout done. A great product I can recommend is Smart Tec Smart Burner ,which can increase fat oxidisation. This is currently on sale at £22 (reduced from £29.99).

My final tip for legs is the squat, in any form – free, smith, sumo, front, box, goblet, etc.

There are so many varieties to this exercise, you can tailor it to target the parts of your legs that you want to help the most. Front or narrow stance squat helps you build strength and muscle tone in your quads, whilst sumo/wide stance will target more of the hamstrings and glutes. The squat is king of leg exercises and develops whole body strength, balance and flexibility.

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