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With Christmas less than three weeks away, millions of men around the world are in the same boat struggling to work out what to get their other half for Christmas.


Sure you could just ask her what she would like, but that takes no effort (you know women like effort). So, I hope I can be of some help with a few practical fitness gift ideas that should still bring a smile to her face – even if it isn't quite what she was expecting from you.


Spotify account


Almost every girl I know that goes to the gym works out to music. I believe they do it to avoid encounters with the guy that always seems to end up on the treadmill next to them or doing curls while they're squatting. Anyway, Spotify is the easiest way to listen to millions of songs. You can also browse through the music collections of friends, artists and celebrities, or create a radio station and just sit back. Pay and sign her up to her own account and this will definitely keep you in the good books.


Weightlifting gloves


Women like to look after their hands a lot more than us men. From pedicures, to hand lotions, many women love the fact that they can wear gloves at the gym to protect their precious skin from those rough calluses that develop over time from lifting weights. Valeo Neoprene Gloves are ideal and provide some of the best padding and comfort you will find.



Gym towel


Gyms are full of different people from all walks of life, some with better hygiene than others. The ratio of gym benches to gym members is usually small and its common to find benches left with the sweat from the previous user still fresh. A simple gym towel can be laid over the bench before use and easily washed after and avoids her the inconvenience of having to wipe up after someone else. You can pick up the iso2 Nutrition Towel at Monster Supplements.



Water bottle

phd water bottle

The importance of adequate hydration before, during and after the gym is neglected by many, yet it is one of the most important factors for high performance and ensure safety when working out. A simple water bottle will ensue she is hydrated while exercising and saves her the agro of having to keep heading to the water fountain for those (usually rushed) sips of water. PhD have a great 750ml dishwasher safe water bottle.



Gym bag


If you’ve bought her some of the items above, she's going to need somewhere to keep it all – and there's nothing worse than trying to carry a bundle of things when moving around the gym. A trendy gym bag will allow for all her gym equipment to be conveniently stored and ready for every gym session. FitMark provide a large range of functional gym bags which help organise everything you need as well as your meals. The FitMark Shield in particular would be a great idea to support anyone’s fitness lifestyle.


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