Monster Guide: Are Green's Powders A Good Way Of Getting Your 5 A Day


If we want to lead a healthy life with a balanced diet, we are told to aim for five portions of fruit and veg every day. However, this can be tricky when we are busy, meaning most people aren’t getting the amount that they need.


A great, convenient way to reach your five portions a day is to supplement with greens powder. But do these compare up to the real thing?

pharma greens

Now I am not going to lie to you – most don’t taste great! However I have found the PhD Pharma greens is one of the better tasting ones, the pomegranate is actually nice!  A good way to make some of the not so nice tasting products more enjoyable to drink is to mix them with fresh orange juice, which is also adding an extra portion of fruit to your daily intake.


My advice is to use greens powders to supplement part of your daily intake of fruit and vegetables, but not all, as the nutrients from whole and fresh foods are very important for our bodies. A few benefits to supplementing with greens powders is saving time in preparation, convenience, reaching your recommended five portions a day without fail and, potentially, saving money.


Greens powders have been formulated to help people achieve an improved overall health, wellbeing and performance, with the convenience of a powder supplement, but with qualities that only nature can provide. Convenience doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in quality. Thanks to the perfect blend, it now means the total opposite.


It is suggested that people are more likely to achieve the recommended intake by also introducing greens powder into their diet than those who don’t. Not only do greens powders provide you with portions of your five a day, they also contain essential minerals and nutrients that the body needs. The majority of greens powders contain over 40 ingredients (including spinach, kale, green beans and many more) carefully selected for their health benefits. A usual serving contains five to seven servings of vegetables and fruit.


I would definitely recommend having this as part of your supplement supply, but use in moderation like anything else and ensure to also eat fresh.

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