Home Sweet Home: Workouts You Can Do In Your Living Room


We’ve all been in those situations where we don’t want to venture to the gym on an evening. Maybe you’re afraid of going at peak times, maybe you have home responsibilities or maybe you would just rather do things at home for a change. Here are a few things you can do in the comfort of your own living room!


So, let’s split this, focusing on upper body first.


Tricep dips

Grab the nearest four-legged chair handy and take a seat … but not for too long!

  • Placing your arms behind you onto the chair with your palms facing down, gradually slide yourself so your bum is near the floor, but your arms are remaining on the chair.
  • Bring your arms closer to the edge of the chair with your legs out straight and your back sat at a 90 degree angle against the legs of the chair.
  • Using your triceps, pull your body up in a upward motion, keeping your legs as straight as possible. You should feel the tension in your triceps as you lower yourself back down and complete further reps.
  • Try doing 4 sets of 10!


Push up

Not a press up, but a PUSH UP!

  • Lying on the floor, place your hands under your chest with palms facing the floor.
  • Keeping your hand width in line with your chest/shoulders and your legs straight, push your body upwards with the force of your hands/chest.
  • Contracting your chest and shoulders, continue until fail!
  • Try and do 30 reps in as little sets as possible, getting your chest as close to the floor as possible!


So, we’ve tackled triceps, chest and a little shoulders. Now, for that derrière!


Wall sit

Set those quads and glues on fire!

  • Placing your back against a sturdy wall, lower yourself into a ‘sitting on thin air’ position, getting your legs into a right angle position.
  • And that's it, sit and wait for the burn!
  • Try staying in the position for 45 seconds. If this is too easy, hold a weight (or can of beans!) in your lap.


Calf raises

Use that dusty fireplace!

  • Placing your toes and ball of your foot onto the edge of the fire place, slowly raise your calves up and down ensuring your heels aren’t touching the floor on your way back down to keep the tension!
  • Try doing 3 sets of 15!

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