World Class: Emma Gabbott On Her Recent NABBA & IBFA World Championship Success


Congratulations to Emma Gabbott, who recently placed 2nd at the IBFA World Championships 2015 in Rome, Italy! Here, the Monster team find out more about her journey so far and where she’s heading next …


Can you give us a little information on yourself and your recent journey to the IBFA world stage?

My fitness journey began by teaching pole dancing in 2006. Following a back injury, which resulted in surgery, I had to regain my strength, which meant I had to go to the gym. The more I trained, the more I loved lifting and the buzz it brings plus the atmosphere in the gym. This went on for two years, at which point I decided I wanted to get up on stage.

My first year of competing started with NABBA in the toned figure category where I came fourth and received an invite to the NABBA British Final. Following that, I competed in a qualifier in November 2014 with the IBFA in the toned figure category, where I placed third and again received an invite to a British final, but with the IBFA in June 2015.

During that time, I had changed shape with training and a disciplined diet and became a lot leaner, which is why when I arrived at the final, the judges suggested that I move to the trained figure category. I took their advice and I went on and won, which meant I received an invite to the IBFA Worlds in Rome in October. Here, I competed in two categories – the Over 35s mixed and Miss Shape – and I placed second in both.


What was your favourite workout routine running up to the competition?

My favourite workout routine running up to the World Championships would be legs, which I have a complete love-hate relationship with. I’ve always trained upper body with my pole dancing background, so legs were a bit of a lagging area coming up to competition. I loved seeing the changes and improvements I made – even though I could never really walk afterwards!




Why did you choose the Miss Shape category and can you tell us a little bit about the criteria?

I chose Miss Shape as it was more of a trained figure look, which I like even though it was a mixed category. The definition of the category is to show athletic-to-medium level muscular development, whilst maintaining a female appearance, which suited me to a T.


What’s next for you in 2016?

2016 is going to start, of course, with the PCA show in Hull, which is a qualifier for their British Finals. After that, I’m going on to compete with NABBA in the Athletic category. I really want to maintain this physique for next year so that I can try and progress within that category. I’ve already qualified for the IBFA in June, so I’ll be competing in the over 40s trained figure category with them too.


If you had to give three tips to a girl who wanted to start competing, what would they be?

My three top tips for any girl that competes would be to minimise stress, as it can completely throw you off course, and to have a really strong support network around you. I can’t emphasise enough that it does get really tough and to have a really good coach like I’ve had can steer you in the right direction. My third is to be consistent with training and with your food.


What are the three favourite diet meals you eat on a regular basis?

My favourite three meals are my oats in the morning. This is my favourite meal of the day and I really look forward to it. Chicken and Rice is a mainstay of any competition diet and it’s got those yummy carbs in. My third is my casein in the evening.


Are there any supplements you can’t live without?

BCAAs are a key supplement for me. Also, my casein, as it keeps me going with my sweet tooth throughout prep. Whey is another key ingredient for me post workout and in my oats.

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