Tom Wright's Chest & Back Workout



This workout is designed to hit all the different muscle fibres in your chest and back. I live by the intensity of my workouts. I work hard and lift heavy and I take only the required rest time. This ensures that my workouts are intense, get me stronger, give me a good pump and force my muscles to grow.


Warm-up and mobility followed by:


  • Plyometric press-ups
  • Superman press-ups
  • Clap press-ups
  • Press-ups onto benches
  • Pull-ups and muscle-ups


* Perform 3 sets of 3, keep it fast and explosive.


       Bench press 4x6 (rest 30s)

       Barbell row 4x6 (rest 120s)


  • Control the eccentric part of the rep. You build strength during this phase, so it’s not just about how much you can bounce off your chest or throw up, it’s about what you can control.


       Dumbbell row 4x10 each arm

       Incline DB bench press 4x10 (rest 90s)


  • You want to squeeze the muscle at the top of each rep to get the full contraction. Make sure to allow the stretch at the bottom to get full range of motion.


      Weighted dips 3x12

      Cable fly’s 3x12 (rest 90s)


  • Add weight to your dips if you can but you want to be taking two seconds to perform both the down and up of the movement. Each set should last around 40-50 seconds! Focus on the squeeze of the fly’s and let the cables back out slowly. There should be no swing from your back.


      Lat pulldown 3x12

      Seated row 3x15 (rest 90s)


  • This will add thickness and width to your back if done properly. Again, don’t rush the reps, it will hurt and it will work. So, fight through it and watch your back grow.



After my workout, I’ve put my body through a lot of work and it needs to recover.

Reflex Instant Whey Pro (IWP) provides fast acting Whey Isolate to start the recovery process instantly after I finish training. I take 50g to give me 40g of muscle building protein that immediately gets to work helping my muscles rebuild bigger and stronger.

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IWP also contains four types of friendly bacteria to aid with gut health and digestion, better supplying my body with essential nutrients to grow.

Team this up with some oats or a banana and you have the perfect post-workout recovery meal.

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