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A big chest, huge arms and legs like tree trunks are what most weightlifters crave – myself included! However, as important as the weight room is for building muscle and strength, most people shy away from other performance-orientated styles of training with the mindset that lifting heavy weights in the same set planes of movement is the only way to build and define muscle.


The human body is an incredible machine capable of much more than we know. There are so many different training styles, movements and techniques to challenge yourself with while still working towards the same goal. I urge everyone to 'think outside the box' when training and don't be afraid to try new workouts to make your body much more than just aesthetically pleasing but stronger, fitter and more powerful. This can be achieved in so many different ways than just pushing weights in the same motions each workout.


This full body explosive workout below will build muscle strength and size, promote fat loss, increase fitness quickly, activate anabolic hormones and create long-term changes in the muscles that promote life-long fitness.


The ultimate explosive workout:

  • 10 - Squats 

  • 10 - Box jumps

  • 10 - Burpees

  • 10 - Clap push-ups 

  • 10 - Medicine ball squat and throw 

  • 10 - Medicine ball push-ups

  • 10 - Alternating jumping lunges

  • 10 - Step jumps

  • 10 - Medicine ball slams 

  • 10 - Explosive TRX pull-ups 

  • 10 - Deadlift 

  • 10 - Crunches and medicine ball throws

  • 30 seconds  - Battle rope


Aim to complete this workout three times in the quickest time possible. Rest only when necessary and keep your technique strict and safe for every rep. Rest three to five minutes between each round.

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