Monster Guide: 2 Routines To Improve The Curves That Matter


One of the main reasons I began lifting weights and going to the gym was to give my body shape. Not a masculine shape like some women believe weight lifting will achieve, but a sexy, toned and womanly figure.

I was naturally very slim and had a boyish figure when I was growing up. I was determined to build curves, but not through overindulging and instead through building muscle during training.

The two main areas you can build muscle to create curves is your glutes and your legs. There are so many muscles that make up the leg that, by targeting them all, you will create separation and definition.

Here are two detailed routines I follow in the gym to work on these areas:



emily glutes

My favourite exercise for my glutes is squats. These can be done in a number of ways – you can do sumo squats, standard squats and front squats. I find sumo squats the best for targeting the glute area, even though squats are also working our legs at the same time – two workouts in one!

Another exercise I swear by for glutes is standing reverse leg raises using a cable. The tension from the cable gives a real squeeze in the glute area on every rep. I usually do 15 reps on each leg for 4 sets.

The final exercise for the glutes is single leg lunges using the Smith machine. No weight is usually needed on the bar, as you are taking your whole body weight down into a one leg squat on each leg. Ensure each rep is nice and slow and squeeze the glute throughout.



If you build muscle on your legs, you will give the illusion of curves and a firm, strong and healthy figure.

Again, I feel squats are the main exercise that helps to build size and targets all areas of the leg. I normally aim for 8-10 reps for 4-5 sets. Don't worry about starting light, as you can increase the weight as your strength increases.

The second exercise I like to perform during my routine is the leg press, which is great for building the quadriceps muscles. These give size and definition to the front of the leg and help to achieve that perfect teardrop shape.

To ensure an even amount of muscle on the leg, you need to target all of the areas. For hamstrings, I like to do laying reverse leg curl. I will normally do 15 reps for 4 sets. Having strong, built hamstrings helps to give the appearance of separation on the leg and this gives a great feminine shape.

Remember you don’t have to put on fat to build curves. If you want to be toned and have a sexy shape, building them from muscle is the way forward. Not only are you creating a great appearance, but you are also improving your strength and overall health.

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