Mc Donald's Sweet Potato Fries.....Are They Healthy?


So the news has broken – fast food chain McDonalds is now trialling sweet potato fries in the United States and, if they’re a success, the UK will soon follow. So my question is, is it worth McDonalds supplying sweet potato fries? Who would buy them? And why would people choose them over ‘normal’ fast food fries?

Spanning over 60 years, McDonald’s has become a household name which is world renowned. Wherever you are in the world, the brand’s golden arches are something everyone is familiar with and you can guarantee the same quality food and flavours whichever branch you enter. So, does the famous fast food brand need to start selling items which are seen as a ‘healthier’ choice?

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Fast food restaurants used to make a bolt for the door when anyone mentioned health or wellbeing, but with the changing mindset of today’s generation, the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC are having to follow the trend to keep their market happy.

Although McDonald’s introduced their ‘Fruit Bag’ back in 2003, promotion was somewhat lacking. Now, McDonald’s offer the chance to get a free Fruit Bag on certain days, and Happy Meals can now include them too. So it seems that these fast food chains are listening to what the public want and do see a gap in the market, where they too can be contenders of offering a healthier choice.

Bearing this in mind, the McDonald’s sweet potato fries have surfaced! Although we can't be sure what the nutritional values of the fries are as yet, let’s have a look at the nutritional values of McDonald’s sweet potato wedges as an example. Per serving (on average), these sweet potato wedges come in at a whopping 414 Kcal, 39.7g Carbs, 1.3g Protein, 26.9g Fat ... whoops!

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It doesn't take a genius to see that this ‘healthier’ choice isn’t so healthy after all.  To put this into perspective, here are the nutritional values for a large McDonald’s fries: 444 Kcal, 55g Carbs, 4.4g Protein and 22g fat.

I can’t help but applaud the likes of McDonald’s for trying to offer an alternative choice, however, you can almost guarantee that wherever there is a fast food chain, high calories and oodles of fat won’t be far behind.

Make yours at home! Here’s how:

  • Peel and cut your sweet potato into thin strips
  • Boil for around 8 minutes until soft, but not breaking
  • Place onto a baking sheet and add oil and/or seasoning
  • Bake for around 20 minutes
  • Enjoy!

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