Look Like A Lady, Train Like A Man


Lots of women believe that lifting weights will make them bulky, manly and leave them looking like Arnie. They want to lift weights to achieve a ‘big booty’, but are afraid of gaining a masculine appearance.

Guilty of the above thoughts? Don’t be – you’re not alone! Sadly, although the proof is in the pudding when it comes to lifting weights, there is still a huge misconception around the subject. This has resulted in women avoid workouts they see as a contributing factor.

train-like-a-man-look-like-a-goddess-590x200 IMAGE SOURCE: hunger4fitness.com

I’d like to use myself as an example to prove that strength and beauty CAN exist in the same female body.

From the image here (right), you can see I started my fitness journey at the beginning of 2014 with what some may say is a ‘normal’ 64kg body. I’d avoided heavy weights and although I thought my diet was good, it wasn’t great! So, let’s delve deeper …

  • I lifted a few weights three times a week and did cardio three times a week
  • My diet was okay but I could have been more careful
  • I had the ‘muffin top’ stomach that most women struggle to budge
  • I had a fairly rounded bum but it could have been more ‘pert’

After seeking advice from a coach who provided me with a weight training and nutrition plan, I was able to fix up those areas I didn't like just by trusting his judgement and banishing those ever so annoying myths.

Within five weeks of doing so, these were my results! (left)

  • I lifted much heavier weights than before, five days a week, and pushed cardio down to one day a week
  • My diet had improved no end, and so had my mood
  • I was beginning to loose the ‘muffin top’ stomach that most women struggle to budge
  • My bum was beginning to lift, sit higher and feel tighter

vicky glutes

As I mentioned, this progress took just six weeks of my time and effort, which is nothing if you really want it. Don’t be scared – I do not look manly and nor do I want to look manly! I can promise you that just because you deal with a few dumbbells five times a week, you’re not going to turn into a monster.

It’s sad that the industry has fooled women into believing that as soon as they step into a free weights room, they’ll turn into Mr Olympia! Sadly (for us competitive bodybuilders) this isn’t the case, as this would be the million-dollar formula and the competitive industry wouldn't necessarily exist. Ask yourself, if it was that easy … wouldn't everyone be doing it?

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