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After the reinstatement of former UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones back into the organisation, his next fight will be with Daniel Cormier, the man who took over his reign as champion.

Jones was stripped of the title in late April of this year following a catalogue of incidents that culminated in a hit and run incident. While he was away, his most recent title challenger, Daniel Cormier won the vacant title in May following a rear naked choke finish over Anthony Johnson at UFC 187. “DC” went on to defend the title in October after a fantastic contest against Alexander Gustafsson.

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In all honesty, I feel if Jon Jones comes in motivated and hungry, he’ll take back his belt in a rematch. Regardless of his personal problems, you cannot deny he is one of the most talented athletes to step into the cage. Furthermore, I feel Jones can go into a contest cold, calculated and emotionless. This is something I doubt Cormier can do. We have seen this be an advantage in his fight against Pat Cummins, as well as a disadvantage, in his first fight with Jones.

Don't get me wrong, Daniel Cormier is an amazing fighter too. I just feel his best way to win the fight will be to close the distance and mix in his world-class wrestling. At 5ft 11, Cormier is significantly shorter than most Light Heavyweights, though he has shown multiple times he can close the gap and land his strikes at both Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight.

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However, Jones has already shown he can nullify Cormier's wrestling, and even took him down three times in their first fight. In addition to this, Jones is a master of using his extremely long range. This is where he has a massive advantage.

Regardless of predictions and thoughts, as anyone who follows MMA will know, anything can happen. Nothing is a dead cert in this sport and there are endless possibilities of how a fight can be won

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