Adam Spalding: 5 Weekly Food Shop Essentials


As I have only recently graduated from university, I cannot afford to be careless with money. This is certainly the case when it comes to my diet and what I buy during my food shop each week.

I usually make two trips to the supermarket each week. The first one is when I make the bulk of my purchases, and the second trip is when I replace any items such as vegetables that have a shorter shelf live. When doing my food shop, I look for two things, nutrient density and versatility.

Below is a list of my top five essentials that are included in my weekly food shop.



Avocados are a perfect example of what I look for out of foods. Avocados show a large nutrient landscape as they include essential fats, carbohydrates and protein. In addition to this, they have a very large micronutrient profile. I usually buy a pack of ripe avocados and a pack to ripen at home. I add them to salads, as a side dish to meals and also include them in smoothies as the creamy texture can act as a great non-diary substitute.

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Frozen blueberries 

I use the berries for two things – I add them to smoothies and include them in my breakfast with my porridge oats. It's well known that blueberries are a ‘super food’. I usually buy them frozen as they are more cost effective and last longer.

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Spinach pretty much ticks every box for me. It's incredibly nutrient dense, it's versatile and it's very cheap. I will add spinach to basically all of my meals during the lunch and dinner period. Spinach is also a staple ingredient for any of my smoothies.

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I include oats as part of my breakfast. I will usually have them with some blueberries, banana, peanut butter, cinnamon and chia seeds – a breakfast bowl inspired by MMA trainer Mike Dolce's diet plan.

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Venison burgers 

I usually treat myself to some venison burgers once or twice a week. Venison burgers are high in protein (around 25g) and are simple to make and delicious.

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