Pre-Workout: A Worthwhile Addition To Training?

Is using a Pre-Workout a worthwhile addition to training?

Let’s be honest, time is one commodity you can’t get back. With this in mind, if you are going to be spending several hours in the gym a week you need this to be effective time. Making sure this is the case is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it feels like you’re trying to ice skate uphill when you try and balance this with work, children, socialising and even studying. This is where a pre-workout comes in …

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A pre-workout is a reliable solution to the fatigues of daily life, propelling you through your workouts, smashing PBs and hitting targets whether it’s in the gym, down the track or on the field. They normally come in powder form to be mixed with water and taken shortly before a training session. Each standard tub normally contains around 30 servings, enough to last just over one month, depending on how often you train.

How they work and the benefits:

Each pre-workout supplement can be different, but they all centre around a handful of effective ingredients. It’s these formulas with blended macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and herbs that provide you with all the immediate nutritional tools to perform at your best. They commonly work by catering to the following factors to increase performance:

  • Instant energy – Providing quality sources of both carbohydrate and creatine to fuel both aerobic and aerobic activity
  • Nutrient delivery – Improving the absorption and distribution of other key ingredients and compounds within the body to the areas that need it, e.g. working muscles
  • Mental focus – Providing mental stimulants to help offset the feelings of fatigue and help you focus on the goal in hand
  • Anti-catabolic – Including a spectrum of amino acids to help stop muscle breakdown during training

Are there any drawbacks?

Like all things, pre-workout supplements do come with their drawbacks and these will differ from individual to individual along with their severity. Some of the common ones are:

  • Sleep disruption – Due to some of the high stimulant contents in these products they have been linked to poor quality of sleep. They leave the body in a state of alert if taken late in the evening or if you are sensitive to these ingredients. The answer to this is assessing your tolerance and making sure pre-workouts are not consumed too soon before going to bed.
  • Dizziness – Because of the improved nutrient delivery to the working muscles, and due to the fact they may offset the feeling of fatigue during exercise, you may become dizzy when you really test the physical abilities of your body. To combat this make sure you drink adequate water, take appropriate rests and do not over train your body.
  • Post-workout crash – Some have been known to provide a great feeling initially and when working out followed by a crash or lethargic feeling post-workout as you “come down” from your session’s high. This can be offset however by taking an adjusted serving size of the product, staying hydrated and eating correctly post-workout for recovery.


Monster’s top 5 Pre-Workout supplements:

After some extensive trials at Monster, we have put together a list of the pre-workouts we deem most effective across the board. Here is that list for anyone considering buying a pre-workout supplement:

  1. Adapt Nutrition – Pre Train
  2. Grenade – 50 Calibre
  3. Enhanced Labs - Uproar
  4. Cobra Labs – The Curse
  5. O.N. – Gold Standard Pre Workout


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