No Gym?! No Problem!! Ways To Workout, Outdoors!

With the majority of the population becoming ever busier, there can be times where you find yourself without the equipment you need!

There will always be occasions where you can take your ‘workout’ outdoors and use a little improvisation to ensure you’re still keeping fit!

  1. Standard cardio

This doesn’t have to be an improvisation, sometimes it worth changing your routine up a little and taking your cardio session outside! Make the most of the outdoors and do your hill sprints … up a real hill!


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  1. Bodyweight squat

You don’t always need a rack and a barbell, sometimes your bodyweight is enough to fuel a decent set of squats. When using your bodyweight for squats, try and make your routine fast paced to ensure maximum effect. Go for 25 reps with a small pause at the bottom (ass to the grass), 30 seconds rest for 4 sets … feel that burn.


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  1. Mountain climbers

So long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this one is great for those ‘outdoorsy’ moments! This is one to strengthen your core and improve your cardio fitness levels.


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  1. Resistance bands

Resistance bands can be very helpful when you’re in the gym, but also while you’re out and about. There are many ways you can use a resistance band and each band will provide a different level of assistance, but here are a few I love:

  • Resistance band kick backs - These really target the glutes and hamstrings
  • Resistance band hip thrusts/glute bridge - Another one great for the glutes, and with a strong squeeze at the top of each rep, this one is a killer!
  • Bent over row – You can use an open ended resistance band for a bent over row which is a great improvisation for a back workout
  • Bicep curl – Using a resistance band to perform bicep curls can be tricky, but they’re worth their weight in gold if you don’t have a dumbbell handy!


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  1. Skipping

I personally LOVE skipping and have done since a kid, I think it’s a great way to get your heart rate going and have that body fat crying (sweating!). Skipping is a great overall body workout as it consists of cardio and strength. Skipping is great, keeping your heart rate up, muscles engaged throughout and your mind focused (so not to trip!).

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