Monster Guide: How To Improve A Grappler's Grip


Possessing grip strength is something that is a great advantage for any grappling-based sports, such as judo, wrestling or Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). Of course, all of these disciplines have crossed over into MMA.

Below are a few training methods and exercises that can be implemented during training in order to increase an athlete’s grip strength, focusing on the combat or grappling athlete.


Eccentric loading

Using pulling motions, such as rows or chin ups, are a fantastic way to increase grip strength in addition to helping with posture and overall pulling strength. During this, you would focus on a tempo of five seconds down to one second, with a range of 5-8 reps.

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Rope work

Adding rope climbs or rope pulls would also be a useful contribution to a stronger grip. Furthermore, grip strength could be a useful by-product when doing battle ropes for conditioning.


Fat Gripz

This piece of equipment was designed for this purpose. Adding Fat Gripz to exercises such as bench press or barbell row would not only increase grip strength, but also add a different stimulus to the exercise itself. Fat Gripz would also be a welcome addition to farmers’ walks at the end of a session.

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Train in the Gi

In BJJ, a strong grip will open up many techniques to use during training. Even if your main objective is MMA or no Gi grappling, by training and using Gi techniques you will see an increase in grip strength and will also become a lot tighter in your technique for grappling in general. This is why, to this day, some of the best fighters to enter the cage, including Georges St Pierre and José Aldo, still train in the Gi regularly.

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