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Review of Adapt Nutrition Pre-Train

During the peaks and valleys of a training schedule, motivation or energy can be lacking at times. This is where a pre-workout supplement is an essential part of achieving an optimum level of training. During the last two works of my preparation for BCMMA 12, I added Adapt Nutrition's pre workout supplement Pre-Train. The main reason I decided to use Pre-Train over other pre-workout supplements was due to fact that it did have creatine in it. As I was trying to cut weight and lose the last few pounds through water weight, creatine would have been counter intuitive to that.

I used the product during my strength and conditioning sessions in addition to my sparring sessions during the last two weeks of training. I found it to be great help in keeping my energy and concentration levels high, despite my reduction in carbohydrates in an attempt the reduce my body weight.


Pre-Train consists of a potent blend of ingredients including L-arginine, beta alanine, L-taurine and of course caffeine anhydrous. This is included with a combination of B vitamins B6 and B12, which are essential elements to synthesise energy. Beta alanine and caffeine have been a staple supplement of mine for some time as they consistently work. Both delay the onset of fatigue and beta alanine has been shown to improve lactic threshold.

The supplement was also excellent to mix. With other supplements I have used, this can be an issue, as they cannot be shaken. The practicality of the Pre-Train being easy to mix is another positive to the product.

I have found Pre-Train from Adapt Nutrition to be very useful addition to my training. Don't get me wrong, in the weeks leading up to competing, my motivation and focus was at high levels, but using this before hard sessions increased it. Furthermore, I found no adverse effects to using it. I felt there was no crash to my energy levels during training, nor was there a disruption in terms of digestion.

All in all, I would recommend Pre-Train to any sport and exercise enthusiast to give themselves a boost during their training.


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