Adam Spalding - BCMMA Blog #3

Adam Spalding - BCMMA Blog #3

During the final week before the fight, there are only two main focuses – the fight and making the weight. It is very common, even at amateur level, for fighters to make weight cuts of around 10lbs to make their respected weight class.

 I began my weight cut on the Sunday by water loading and increasing my vitamin C intake. At this point, I weighed 168lbs. From Sunday through to Wednesday, I would drink anywhere from 8-12 litres of water each day in order to flush my system and also condition my body to release water quickly. I intake around 3000mg of vitamin C with each meal, as it works as a natural diuretic. I finished this on Thursday, when I drank four litres of water before noon and then kept my food and water intake minimal until I weighed in 24 hours later.

I was on the weight of 155lbs by Thursday evening and by the time the weigh in came around, I officially weighed in at 153.6lbs.

This was proceeded by a rapid race to rehydrate and get back up to a comfortable weight for myself. I started by initailly drinking just water before moving on to coconut water to replenish my electrolytes lost during the cut, before slowly increasing my food intake being mindful of not overdoing it. The majority of food was heavy carbohydrate foods, so it was important not to overload my digestive system. That evening, I went to bed at 165lbs and ready for the weekend ahead of me.


Fight day

As I'm sure a lot of fighters will agree, fight day means there is a lot of waiting. With that comes a lot of time to think. This is where peaks and valleys of emotions will come into play. One minute I was very calm and relaxed, the next I was anxious and fidgety.

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I arrived at the venue around 4pm to go through medicals and rules meeting. I was scheduled to be on as fight number 10, so I was in the middle of the card. I started to loosen up and begin my warm up around 45 minutes before. I use this time to blow out any nervous energy I have and get out any pre-fight jitters. Before I knew it, my name was called to go out.


The fight

The fight started by me initiating with a clinch and drove my opponent to the fence. This was short lived, as my opponent managed to reverse me and put me up against the cage. Despite some good head control from my opponent, I managed to tie him up to force referee Leon Roberts to break us up. From there, I hit an inside leg kick before applying a knee to the body, which dropped my opponent. A few ground and pound strikes followed before the referee called a stop to the contest.

When thinking of all the possible scenarios that could have occurred during the fight, me finishing the fight via TKO at 1min 6 seconds during round 1 was not one that I had envisioned. Then again, that’s why I love MMA, as anything can happen and, on another day, my opponent could have done the same thing to me.

adamwin2Once I cleaned myself, I was able to enjoy a fantastic night of MMA. This included a fight of the night performance from Stephen Martin and Corrin Eaton, as well as the return of UFC veteran John 'The One' Maguire, who won via first round kimura. It was a fantastic MMA event and I was proud to contribute towards it.


Thank you's

I would like to thank my training partners at Dynamo Fight Sports and BKK Fighters for their help in preparing for the fight, as well as Adam Robinson from Crossfit ISC. Also, a huge thanks to my sponsors Monster Supplements, Three Strokes Productions and Betts & Cranfield Building Services.

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