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Craig LaneIt seems a distant past since I achieved GB selection for the Chicago triathlon world championships back in May, never mind the GB Selection for the Adelaide duathlon world championship in March. I remember around that time the creator of My Endurance was just about to launch the product and I was delighted to be asked to become an ambassador. Since those races I had to re-write my season and my main race had now become a warm up to the events ahead. As a 36 year old all the training to represent my age group for the Great Britain squad can take its toll on my body. As I work and coach as well as been a father training isn't easy and recovery seems to take longer the older I get. At the time I was using an all in one product which really wasn't agreeing with me and found I was performing better on my diet without the use of supplements. After six weeks of being on My Endurance, the product designer and I were having a chat about my training. I explained after my long swim sessions or high intensity turbo sessions I felt as though I hadn't really trained that hard, as I felt I still had plenty left in the tank so I didn't know if I really justified taking the drinks for these sessions, "that's the whole point" was the reply as we looked at the numbers I was hitting as I was now swimming critical swim speeds for longer, running at threshold faster and my cycling was now becoming a real weapon in my armoury. I was absolutely astounded how well this product worked compared to the other brands on the market I had tried and more to the point how quick I recovered ready for another tough session.
In the lead up to the championships I had achieved some good results against some tough competition, with a 5th, a 4th, two 3rd's and a win under my belt I was feeling good especially in my running as I was achieving fastest run splits in the majority of the races, and my confidence in my nutrition was only making me more confident in myself. In the last two training blocks I had been putting together over 9 hours a week around my work to get myself in prime condition for the

championships. Training is based around monthly meso cycles in 4 week blocks with the 4th week being a reduced recovery week. I try and get two sessions of each discipline in as well as some strength and conditioning work. My nutrition is really important to me as my body is constantly working in max aerobic and anaerobic capacities and only weighing 64 kilos I can quite easily slip into hypoglycaemia especially when I can ride at threshold for up to 4 hours in a session. My endurance is designed for endurance athletes and I can quite honestly say since I have been using the product I have not hit any walls.

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