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Sally Knights On Stage Sally Knights On Stage

As a child I began my interests in fitness through swimming and got selected in my early years to swim for England youth squad which gave me my drive to achieve any goals and a passion for sports. I followed all swimming and athletics in my teens. I've always followed sport but over the last 10 years I've focused on training my body to create the best shape I can be! I  quickly realised it's not about going to the gym lifting little weights and using every machine there is every night.

I first committed myself to stepping on stage in 2011 and won my first competition open Yorkshire classic miss toned figure

This first prep was very blind and I just kind of winged it along my journey without really looking into the why’s or how’s, I just loved the changes I could see in the mirror so this kept me pushing throughout the whole prep. This then gave me a need for more and this made me choose NABBA as my first federation I wanted to target ,which then pushed me on to trying to qualify for NABBA Britain in 2012. From there it's been a whirlwind journey of highs and lows but I love it all
I realise over the years about the importance of diet and being consistent, making food diaries and targets knowing that sometimes one diet can work and next diet your body may react differently too.
Looking at my shape and seeing my flaws I became critical about my body. Working on my weak areas my physique more than others to I developed what was needed to fit into the criteria that we were being judged on, which I found really hard when you enjoy training everything! The hardest part is learning about the last few weeks before hitting the stage and trying to get it perfect without going too far with dieting and looking unhealthy.

Sally Knights on stage 2 Sally Knights on stage 2

There's a lot of ladies that think it's just about getting lean when it's not! It's about still being feminine, healthy and getting a great balance.

During the time you are prepping for a show it can be a lonely sport, even when you have amazing support which I've been lucky to have! You can miss out on time with family and friends but I know it's only for a short period. But on the plus side you are learning and developing your body and your mind on what you nutrition in order to keeping fit and healthy. Not many can get that balance which is why very few finish what they start.

I've been on international stages with the best in my classes which pushes me further....
I have a huge passion for training and dieting and following this sport .. Helping others to also achieve their goals and supporting teams and athletes also helps me on this journey and I'm always here to advise why not help others I get a lot out of helping and advising too.

My main goal this year was to move federations from NABBA to the UKBFF so I've had to work extra hard to create a new shape with my body to stand out amongst some amazing ladies in this division. I have qualified for the British final October 3rd held in Nottingham which I know I'll give 100% and try to bring my best shape. I want to try to work my way up within this federation to eventually get selected to represent the UK team abroad.

My typical day consists of 5am 40 minutes cardio fasted before my first meal. I eat every 3 hours and depending on my diet and how I'm looking will determine what I eat that week, but I tend to keep everything the same throughout the week. I also work full time but manage my hours around meals and training. I train weights on an evening, hitting the areas I need to  grow and then finish on 30 min’s cardio depending on how my diet and shape is progressing.
This prep I've also had one meal off a week, normally after my weigh in and this is pretty much anything although I do still hold back.

Thing to remember is to enjoy it don't kill yourself in the process and to also realise it's not just you going through the preparation it's everyone around you too!!


2011 1st place Yorkshire open
2012 1st place NABBA NE
2012 2nd place NABBA Britain
2012 3rd place NABBA Universe
2012 1st place NABBA UK
2013 2nd place NABBA Britain
2013 3rd place NABBA worlds in Italy
(All toned figure)

2014 1st place NABBA Athletic
2014 2nd place NABBA Britain
2014 2nd place NABBA UK
2014 1st place NAC figure and best overall female
2014 1st place WABBA universe in Helsinki
2015 2nd place Hercules Olympia
2015 2nd place UKBFF body fitness masters to qualify for Britain in October...

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