Hi I'm Matt Seaman, I’m a 24 year old Personal Trainer/Physique Coach and nutritional adviser who competes in the UKBFF Men's Physique division.

I'm currently 2 x Men's Physique North East Champion and 2 x British Finalist - currently 2 weeks away from seeing if I can bag a top 6 in the UK placing at this year's finals this time!

Two of my favorite supplements in my off season has to be the Efectiv Mass and the ZMA!

I would incorporate these into my diet post workout and before I go to sleep,

For example a typical day's off season or bulking diet for myself would look a little something like this:


Meal 1  

2 whole eggs 4 whites, 125g oats, 30g dried blueberries and 1 scoop efectiv double choc whey mixed into pancakes

(Take multivitamin and omega 3)

Meal 2 Pre Workout

200g cod, 300g sweet potato, 100g asparagus


(Intra workout shake - 1 scoop Efectiv intra fuel)

Meal 3 post workout

Efectiv Mass shake with 1 scoop AIM

Meal 4

200g Turkey breast, 125g thai jasmine rice, 150g broccoli, 20g pine nuts

Meal 5

200g lean steak, 200g sweet potato, 100g asparagus

Meal 6

8 egg whites with 150g peppers and mushrooms and spinach cooked in 10g coconut oil as an omelette

(Take ZMA)


This would be a typical day for me, it may vary food sources wise from time to time and i also implement a carb cycle for my bulking phase too.

Oh and I’d be sure be making room for my Saturday cheat meal at the weekend of course haha!

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