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With less than two weeks to go before my fight on BCMMA 12 on October 3rd, everything is ramping up with only one more really hard week of training before fight week. The week just gone was particularly hard work as the sparring and conditioning sessions intensify as I'm attempting to reduce my weight.

In the past, the cut to 155lbs was relatively easy when I first had no head shot amateur matches. I would cut no more than 4lbs to weigh in the same day. Nowadays it is certainly not the case as I usually walk around over 170 lbs. This time I have decided to use nutritionist George Lockhart website Fitness VT to assist me with my nutrition. For a very small monthly fee you can detail your daily activity and training. From this the site calculates what food types should be eaten and the specific times in which to eat. This has been a great help as it is one less thing for me to worry about and has kept me on track.

As previously mentioned,sparring and conditioning sessions have been intense this week. During sparring, I do shark tank rounds where I am constantly having a rotation of training partners sparring with me continuously, which helps out on all fronts.

This week just gone was also the last week of heavy lifting at Crossfit ISC with Adam Robinson, the focus now will be on keeping me explosive and well conditioned until fight week.

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Everything is ramping up and I'm truly looking forward to putting the final pieces together in the next few weeks before fight night. At the moment I'm sore, tired and can be a bit irritable at times. This is all good however, as I know that those are signs that I'm doing the necessary things right now to ensure I perform as close to my best on the 3rd October.

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