5 Things all beginner bodybuilders should know!

We were all beginners at one point in time “every journey begins with a single rep” and the rate at which we will progress will be down to a lot of factors, being fed the right information from the start can be a huge advantage. Gone are the days of reading Arnold’s encyclopaedia and just cracking on. Nutrition and training has come on leaps and bounds since then and having been training for 10+ years I have kind of a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, so here’s my top 5 things all beginners should know to get you started on the right track.

The basics work – Basic heavy movements do work, have worked and always will work. As a beginner leave the cables and the isolation exercises along and get yourself under the squat bar, on the bench press and in the rack doing heavy barbell rows. The stronger you get at these movements the bigger you will get. You ever seen someone who can incline bench 4 plates have a small chest? Didn’t think so. Get strong. Get big. SIMPLE!!

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Nutrition is HUGELY important – This was the biggest mistake I made as a beginner and probably why I didn’t start making real gains until I got to grips with my nutrition. Without diving into the depths of macronutrients ie, protein, carbs and fats these are all essential at certain ratios depending on your goals. A lot of people I see who aren’t making progress just aren’t eating enough. More importantly they don’t eat the right things, whatever your goals you need to source lean proteins, a good source of carbs and healthy fats.

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Supplementation is essential – Another thing I got massively wrong as a beginner. Thinking a protein shake after training was all I needed. Without even knowing if it was whey, whey isolate, casein or a blend I just looked for taste not nutritional value. Silly I know. With today’s extensive research into sports performance supplements it’s clear that they really work and are detrimental to getting the most out of your workouts and most importantly when you’re recovering, as this is when the growing begins.

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Don’t be fooled!! – With the introduction of YouTube over the years there is a lot of BS information out there regarding training and nutrition. You see professional bodybuilders training light chasing the pump etc., believe me you don’t get to 270 – 280 lbs chasing the pump. At some point in time they were lifting heavy ass weighs and eating like a horse to put on all that muscle tissue, and when it came to contest time they were doing 2 hours cardio and eating calorie restricted diets to get that grainy hard condition.

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Preparation mattersIf you really want to make the most of your bodybuilding journey you need to be consistent with it day in day out, people do not realise the amount of preparation this takes and until your living it you won’t realise. Once you do and you make it a lifestyle it will become the norm and you’ll love it. You constantly need to be prepared, food needs to be in the fridge, meals made for work the following day, supplements prepped, constantly thinking about what you’re going to eat, train and more importantly how you can improve, you can be happy with your progress or how you look but the moment you become satisfied that is when you will regressing as the drive for improvement will no longer be there.

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“Be Patient and Never Give up”

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