5 reasons why Floyd Mayweather is UNBEATABLE!

It is fair to say that when it is all said and done, Floyd Mayweather will go down as the greatest boxer of this generation. Here are 5 reason below that support this claim:

1)    He Makes Opponents Make Mistakes

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Floyd is known to frustrate opponents due to his illusiveness, causing his opponents to get  frustrated and make mistakes. This was perfectly displayed when a chasing Ricky Hatton was caught rushing in and was knocked out with left hook in 2007.

2)    He Works Well in The Pocket

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This is where Mayweather at times pulls of his best work by either clinching up or showing great defence whilst walking his opponents down, with Oscar De la Hoya singing his praises of this after Mayweather's split decision win over him in 2007.

3)    He Is Very Accurate

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Though he may not have god given knock out punching power, he is certainly blessed with great punching accuracy. He throws often and fast, but what is more impressive is they often land. These punches will of course accumulate in a fight to cause damage.

4)    He Can Adjust

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In 2011, the upsets of all upsets nearly happened when Sugar Shane Mosley caught Mayweather flush causing him to wobble. But rather than go gunning for a quick return back at Mosley, he initially focused on his defence before adapting his game plan on the spot to go on and win every round after that.


Floyd Mayweather Boxing 5 Image Source: WWW.ESPN.GO.COM

This is a mantra that often gets heard at The Mayweather Boxing Club. To steal a quote from UFC commentator Joe Rogan "The only thing that eclipses' Floyd's talent and that's his work ethic". Say what you like about his brash personality, no one can deny that he has earned his spot in Boxing Hall of Fame.

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