3 Quick & Easy Clean Treats That WONT Ruin Your Diet

During competition prep, its hard to keep your eyes on the prize when everywhere you look there are pictures of sugar coated donuts, American candy, peanut butter filled goodies and ice cream … trust me, I know! However, after doing endless research online, looking at tons of recipes, I managed to come up with a few sweet treats of my own which will curb your cravings and help you steer well clear of those 30 second wonders!

COOKIE DOUGHNo bake cookie dough protein snack

So after trying many different recipes online for this and trying to fit everything into my macros accordingly, I ended up coming up with my own:

Per 1 bar:
15g Chocolate whey protein (of your choice)12g Peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)
5g Honey
2 Teaspoons of water (gradual)
1 Square 90% dark chocolate (broken up into chunks)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl while gradually adding the water. Once a ‘dough’ is created, place onto a non stick baking sheet and put into the fridge for around 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Macros: 213 kcal, 9g C, 13g F, 15g P

(Brown) rice pudding

I’m a huge lover of rice pudding, but of course any rice pudding which is bought from a supermarket usually has added sugar or salt and tends to be quite artificial. When prepping for my first competition, I really craved rice pudding which led me to try any make my own … with brown rice!

Per 1 serving:
30g Brown rice
30g Unsweetened almond milk
1 Teaspoon vanilla flavouring
2 Teaspoons granulated sweetener

Add the all ingredients into a saucepan over heat and let the mixture simmer. Keep stirring the mixture and watch over it until it forms a creamy context. Once ready, serve up with fruit of your choice!

Macros per serving above: 58 kcal, 8g C, 1g F, 1g P

Chickpea protein cookie

CHICKPEA COOKIEI’ve always associated chickpeas with savoury dishes, therefor I was shocked to discover that they make really good cookies! Meaning my (adapted) recipe is guilt free, clean and healthy without tasting like garbage!

Per 1 cookie:
30g chickpeas (rinsed)
20g Vanilla whey protein (of your choice)
1 Square 90% dark chocolate (broken up into chunks)
10g Peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)

Blend all ingredients together to form a liquidy paste and pour out onto a baking sheet. Place the mixture into a preheated (180oc) oven and cook for around 12 minutes until solid. Remove the cookie from the oven and let it cool. Serve with Yoghurt of your choice and enjoy!

Macros per cookie: 237 kcal, 12g C, 13g F, 19g P

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