Fighters Workouts You Should Probably Avoid

It is fair to say that mixed martial arts is ever evolving with new skills and training techniques constantly being shown throughout the years. Like anything that is ever changing, there have been many positive changes in the training for elite MMA athletes in recent years. However during the process there have also been some questionable strength and conditioning methods implemented by some of the worlds best fighters at the time. Below is just an example of a few that I have seen amateur fighters or just MMA enthusiasts try and replicate at the gym. Some of the techniques I would strongly recommend people not to copy, others are good however have not been executed as well as they could have.

Rich Franklins Machine Circuit of 10 Rounds of 10 Minutes

Now one small disclaimer to this is that it was nine years ago and I would like to think that this concept of training is slowly dwindling away in strength and conditioning. The method of simply putting an athlete through a circuit for a period of time the replicate a fight over and over in my opinion shows no thought or progression for the athlete, it's just simply breaking them down just for the sake of it.

At sea level the percentage of oxygen within the air is around 21%, as we go higher and higher above sea level at altitude the percentage of oxygen in the air decreases. As is common knowledge it is the percentage of oxygen within the air that will determine an adaptation in the red blood cells to improve cardiovascular performance. So when doing training with a snorkel and with you're nose blocked, you're simply taking in less air but the oxygen percentage is still the same, which would show that no positive adaptation will occur. Furthermore, when speaking to people who have done this type of training. The general consensus is that they would feel the effects more during rest periods in rounds or training. During rest periods, particularly during a fight, you want be able to utilise as much oxygen as possible in order to recover for the next round. If you have hindered yourself in training by blocking your nose and sticking a snorkel in your mouth you're body will not be accustomed to recovering efficiently so when it comes to fight time, the recovery in between rounds will not be as good as it potentially can be.

Georges St Pierre Gymnastic Training Georges St Pierre Gymnastic Training

Now before I start on this I must make clear that I think gymnastic based exercises are fantastic. The issue I have is aspiring young fighters or MMA enthusiasts seeing GSP do gymnastic training and begin training gymnastics without having a foundation of movement. GSP is an amazing athlete, but he also has a great foundation of strength and conditioning from working with Jon Chaimberg and then Pierre Roy. Another example I have seen is guys replace there skill work (boxing, kickboxing, BJJ or wrestling) with doing gymnastics. If you have a solid foundation of movement, gymnastic workouts would be supplementary to skill work.

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