You want a six pack like mine?

The one question that has popped up over the years is, Hey Mike how do you get your abs like that? Or I want my abs to look like yours so what do I have to do?

So you want abs like mine? I've got some bad news for you but don't worry I've got good news too! The bad news is that the chances are you're never going to get abs like mine! The good news is that you CAN get amazing abs, maybe even better than mine!

Assuming that your body fat is low enough to allow you to see them how your abs (or any other muscle), or mine, or anyone else's for that matter looks is largely down to genetics.

Mike Pratt Abs Mike Pratt Abs

Whether your abs are even or not, if there is a central gap, even how many you have (some people have a six pack, some a four pack and some an eight pack) is down to your parents and your grandparents and so on.

It still amuses me to this day at how many people will perform endless sets of abdominal work in the hope they can burn the fat away whilst still not altering their diet.

The fact is that no matter how much you develop your abdominals through exercise the primary component in having a fine set of abs is low body fat levels. Cardio and diet are the keys to a visible six pack, you will not spot reduce body fat from your midsection by doing more abdominal exercise. Fat in the midsection is often the last to go and the first to come back, especially as we get older and if you don't have a fast metabolism. Due to this, diet and training can sometimes be discouraging so it is important to be consistent, dedicated and smart with your food and you will eventually see results.

I think creating that thick dense chiselled six pack has been wrapped in a mystery over the years with secret training methods and the latest DVD for a perfect six-pack. In reality, there aren’t any hidden secrets or magic philosophies, only smart training and dieting. Its training based on a little bit of knowledge of your body mechanics and anatomy and in my case a little bit of instinct and experience to help keep it simple which is my motto.

The bottom line is genetics are the single biggest factor just like any other body part in it shape and appearance, however my abdominals have definitely developed as a body part over the years and improved from a variety of simple  training factors which I will share with you another time, but let's lose the fat first!

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