Six Week Interval Training Cycle for MMA or Grappling

Adam Spalding In The Ring Adam Spalding In The Ring

When preparing for a fight, my training leading up to it only has a few changes as I try to train year round. Though I do implement some interval training in a lead up to competition. There are two main reasons I do this leading up to a contest. First of all this will help with me loosing some body fat which can lead to an easier weight cut and second of all to boost my aerobic conditioning. After some trial and error I have come up with a protocol that creates the correct amount of stimulus on the body without leading to overtraining. I have found this method also helps me peak prior to competition.

I perform the interval sessions on the treadmill for the sole reason that it is my least favourite piece of cardio equipment which makes me mentally push myself further. I found personally that doing this once a week was enough, I tried performing these sessions twice a week but my sport specific sessions would suffer because of it.

Weeks 1 & 2

Treadmill at 5% incline 1min 10mph 1min 4mph (repeat this for 15 mins)

Weeks 3 & 4

Treadmill at 10% incline 30 sec 9mph 30 sec off the belt resting (repeat for 15 mins)

Weeks 5 & 6

Treadmill at 10% incline at 9mph tabata protocol (20 sec on 10 sec off for 4 mins, perform 3 rounds of this with 1 min rest in between)

One thing that was notable to me was that I felt I constantly improved throughout. The same method can be used on any piece of cardio equipment so be sure to give this a try.

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