How I Incorporate My NRGfuel Supplement Stack Into My Daily Meal Plan

NRG Powered Breakfast NRG Powered Breakfast


"The most important meal of the day"... After being asleep and in a fasted state for around 8 hours, it's important to get some fuel into the system. My choice of breakfast will change slightly week by week, sometimes day by day. But one thing that remains a fixture is the inclusion of my NRG 100% Whey Protein. I'll sometimes cook up some porridge oats, in water, and then add Almonds, Blueberries and the Whey Protein. Currently I'm having a 0% fat Greek Yogurt, with some Granola, mixed Nuts, Blueberries and of course the 100% Whey. Essentially what I try and do is get a good blend of fast acting and slow release Protein and Carbs, with some healthy fats. When cutting I'll do my Cardio (steady-state) before Breakfast. When I'm not prepping for anything I'll sometimes mix it up and have some naughty cereal like Coco Pops but again, the NRGfuel 100% Whey Protein will remain a fixture!

Between meals/throughout the day:

I'll sip on the BCAA & Glutamine blend throughout the day, particularly when I'm dieting and in a calorie deficit as it keeps me feeling full and helps with recovery. One benefit I've found is when you're low on Carbs, there'll be less glycogen stored in the muscle and it can appear "flat"... When sipping on the NRGfuel BCAA & Glutamine drink my muscles appear fuller.


A couple hours before training I'll get a meal consisting of a lean source of protein like chicken and usually rice. I tend to stick to white rice pre-workout as its faster acting than brown and gives me a better pump. Then 20-30mins prior to training I'll have 2 scoops of NRGfuel NO2 and the pump I'll get will be UNREAL. I've been taking NO2 pre-workout for around a year now and have never gone above 2 scoops. Why? Because I still get the same buzz of it as I did when I first started taking it. A lot of pre-workout supplements you'll get accustomed to after a few weeks and not see the benefits; NO2 does the job day in day out.


Nothing unorthodox here... Getting a fast acting source of Protein and Carbs is essential. I'll again smash down a couple scoops of 100% Whey (in water), along with either the NRGfuel Maltodextrin complex or fruit. Off-season I'll have some cereal like Rice Krispies or sweets with my protein. There's also the option of NRGfuel's TTP product which is an 'All in One' and works great post-workout. Your muscles are like a sponge after training, soaking in the nutrients you put in, so maximize your potential for growth and repair!

Before Bed:

When you sleep, you go for hours without food. Therefore a slow release meal high in protein is a great option. There are people who will say consuming a high carb meal before bed isn't a bad choice "if it fits your macros". However I've always kept carbs down and had a high protein and healthy fats meal pre-bed. My reason being... Fats slow down the pace in which the protein is absorbed in the body. I choose a slow release protein source such as NRGfuel Casein (vanilla flavour) and blend it up with almond milk. When I'm bulking I may have a tub of Greek Yoghurt and mix the Casein in. If you have the nightmare of running out of Casein powder, cottage cheese is another good option.

Regardless of whether I'm bulking or cutting, I want to keep my protein intake high. Currently I aim for around 300grams of protein a day. Consuming that much protein purely through food isn't easy. Not only because of feeling full but the time it takes to prepare it all. My days are pretty busy and as much as I do like to prepare what I'm eating throughout the day, I find having my shakes/scoops of Whey throughout the day helps me reach that 300grams mark a lot easier. Because the NRGfuel supplements taste great, I find I also keep my sweet cravings away. My breakfast example above with the Greek yoghurt is my favourite meal of the day.

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