From beauty queen to UKBFF champion!

Victoria Before And After Victoria Before And After

So after 18 weeks of training, I’ve done it! I made it through one of the most testing, yet extremely rewarding processes and I placed 1st out of a strong 14 female line up on Sunday 19th July at the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow competition in Dartford.

After months of prepping under the watchful eye of my amazing coach Gordon, I took my first steps onto that stage knowing I’d done all I could to make an impression on the UKBFF judges.

Having made the decision to compete back in March, I put my faith into a coach who was promising to take me from what I was, to the person I am today and that is exactly what he did. Starting out at 63kg in weight and going to the gym regularly but having not experienced a harsh/strict diet, the process seemed very daunting, but when I began to see myself progress and watch my body take so well to competition prep, everything started to fall into place.

Victoria Bikini Selfie Victoria Bikini Selfie

Choosing a macro tracked diet of mainly white fish, chicken and turkey (with veg and a variety of carbs), my body began to transform into a lean machine that just didn’t stop changing and by week 12 I’d lost a stone of fat and began to actually see myself as a bikini competitor.

My coach was great from start to finish, advising me to train 5 days a week while giving my body a rest for the other 2 and slowly introducing cardio throughout the weeks of prep which ensured that I didn’t shock my body into endless hours of cardio.

Towards the end of my 18-week prep, I was still lifting as heavy as week 1 (just lower sets and reps) feeling just as strong, and I was training up until 2 days prior to the show because we came to the decision that I felt too good to stop before then.

The overall competing experience for me was incredible and to win is of course the best possible outcome. I have come so far in the last few months, both physically and mentally, I’ve learnt lot about myself, what is important, how my body works and most importantly I’ve learnt that NOTHING is impossible.

I have every intention of competing again, and with a strong off-season behind me, myself and my coach believe that 2016 will be our year! Its time to conquer the world…

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