Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Gym Part 2

Here is part 2 of my top 10 reasons to visit a gym:

Reason 6:

Respect: When I think about who gets respect in the gym, I look at those fighting an illness or a disability yet they still manage to try no matter what. Then I see the fat person training their heart out. It takes a lot of balls for the fat guy or fat girl to step foot in the gym and make this effort to change in front of everyone and people will and do take note with respect and admiration.

Reason 7:

Inspiration: Leading from misconception 1, the majority of the gym population are in fact not in the best of shape, some are obese and some are extremely old or suffer from disabilities. To surround yourself with inspiring people willing to make this type of effort despite how difficult it is for them is motivation you can use. If they can fight their battle, you certainly have no excuse not to fight yours.

Reason 8:

Community: Over time after regularly visiting a gym the people around you become familiar, people chat, people take notice of improvements, people share experiences, tips, what worked best for them and the next thing you know, friendships are made and the gym is now a place to socialise and help each other as well as achieving an awesome workout!

Just remember training comes first!! Never spend to long talking while holding up a piece of equipment. This could be a point for a top 10 gym hates!

Reason 9:

Results: With the power of all the above reasons fuelling your drive and training, get ready for results! Staying consistent with frequent visits to the gym will see the numbers drop on the scale, the waistline shrink and the muscle tone start to show and believe me, nothing in the world comes as close to that amazing sense of wellbeing that is felt after working hard and seeing the results. This is an incredible achievement and the prefect reason to be extremely proud and confident while you too become a support and an inspiration to others.

Reason 10:

Lifestyle change: The key to sustainable weight loss and improved health is not a fad diet but a lifestyle change. The gym is not a one off visit or a quick fix. The gym can play a role as a second home so to stay where you now choose to visit because you enjoy the wellbeing it brings. Improve on performance, maintain the weight loss, burn of the calories from a boozy night out, socialise with your gym buddies and have fun working out. I personally look forward to every visit.

A gym can provide a platform in which you have the possibility to change your life and see things in a whole new perspective. A place to go when feeling stressed, or if it’s too cold outside and you don’t fancy a jog. The gym can be a place where dreams are started and in time, those dreams are achieved and what you thought may have been impossible, just became a reality.

Never fear the gym, the gym can be your ultimate weapon in life and a resource tool for your weight loss success and fitness goals.

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