My Current Training Routine To Becoming A Professional Wrestler

Before you start training or join a gym it’s important to have a reason/goal for starting, weather that's to gain muscle, lose weight, improve fitness & performance etc. My goal is the same today as when I stared 5 years ago, to build the best physique I can with as much muscle mass, symmetry and conditioning as possible for my own personal physique ambitions and also my dream of becoming a professional wrestler. I am still a long way to achieving the physique I crave but I am happy with the progress I have made and I see every day and every workout as an opportunity to get better.

My current weekly training routine/program is primarily based around the bodybuilding style training for muscle hypertrophy 4 days per week along with a strength & conditioning day.

Monday - (Strength Day 5x5x5 Training)

*2 warm up sets per exercise

Squat - 5x5

Leg press - 5x5

Bench press - 5x5

Deadlift - 5x5

Standing shoulder press - 5x5

*Maximum weight for 5 sets of 5 reps with strict technique.

Adam Maxted Dead lift Adam Maxted Dead lift

Tuesday - Back + Calves

Pull ups - 3xFailure

Lat pull down - 3x10reps

T bar row - 4x8-10reps

Bent over row - 4x8-10reps

Cable row - 3x15reps

Single arm row - 3x10reps

Hyperextensions - 3x15reps

Leg press calf raise - 3x15reps

Wednesday - Chest + Triceps

Flat Bench Press - 4x8-10reps

Incline dumbbell Press - 4x8-10reps

Flat dumbbell flye - 3x12reps

Decline Dumbbell Press 3x8-10reps

Standing Cable Flye - 3x12-15reps

Triceps Cable push down - 3x10reps

Skull crushers - 3x10reps

Dips - 3xFailure

Dumbbell kickback - 3x12reps

Thursday - legs + Wrestling Training

Back Squat - 5x12reps

Leg Press - 4x12 reps Lunges (type varies per workout) 3x30reps Leg extension - 3x15reps Lying leg curl - 3x15reps Seated calf raise - 5x10reps

Adam Maxted Leg Workout Adam Maxted Leg Workout

Friday - Shoulders + Biceps

Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 4x10reps

Lateral raise - 4x12reps

Standing Barbell Shoulder Press 4x8-10reps Front Raise - 3x12reps Rear Delt Flye - 3x12reps Shrugs - 3x12reps

Barbell Curl - 4x10reps

Alternate dumbbell curl - 4x10reps

Hammer curl - 3x12reps

Machine preacher curl - 3x10reps

Saturday - (Full Body Conditioning Workout)

Workout is different each time, I use bodyweight exercises like pull ups, push ups & dips along with HITT style training using the prowler and battle ropes. This is a fast paced circuit style workout with little rest between exercises.

Sunday - Rest Day / Wrestling Training

On my bodybuilding muscle hypertrophy days the aim is to hit each muscle as hard as possible within 60-75 minutes, get in get the work done, then get out and start the recovery/growth period through proper nutrition and sleep.

I usually work with 15 sets for a smaller muscles like arms & shoulders split over 4-5 exercises & 20+ sets for bigger muscles like legs and back.

I design my workouts to focus on two big compound moves per muscle group at the start of my workout when I'm fresh and then 2-3 isolation exercises using machines or cables to focus more on muscle contraction and TUT (Time under Tension)

Something that I find has worked for me is that I rarely do the exact same workout twice in a row, for example on leg day on week I will start with back squats & then the next workout I will start with leg presses or front squats. I fell this has worked for me as I am constantly keeping my muscles guessing as they never know what to expect next which shocks them into growing.

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