Mindset and Visualisation

Written by Adam Maxted

In this article I hope to enlighten your mind with a more positive outlook on life and how you can train your mind to stay focused on your own goals and what you can do to become the person you wish to be. I believe that it all starts with your mind, how you train your mind to think and the things you tell yourself will have a major impact in dictating wither or not you will be successful in reaching your dreams and the goals you have set yourself. Self visualisation is so important, what ever your dream or goal is, you have to see it happening before you can make it happen otherwise you won't know what it is that you're striving for. If it's gym/physique related then you have to visualise how you want to look and the physique you want to achieve. Have photo of how you want to look and keep it on you or simply close your eyes and picture in your head the image of your desired outcome from your hard work and consistency, this will keep you pushing forward if you really truly want it to happen.

In life you have to visualise how your life would be if you got your dream job or lived in your dream location, you're not there yet and you may just be starting out with a long way to go before getting promoted or acquiring the skills needed to have that dream job, but again simply visualising yourself doing it one day is a sure way to keep that drive inside you alive and keep you focused on getting there.

Yes it will take time,effort,money,sacrifice,frustration,doubt,patience but if your want nothing more in life than to get to where you want to be then none of that should really matter because in your mind you see the vision, the end result of all your efforts and if it's really worth it you'll do it.

As I travel to work everyday I look around at the people sat in their suit and ties looking miserable and lost.. And I honestly feel sorry for them but then a part of me thinks well it's their own fault.. they sold out.. they settled for less in life they didn't have the self motivation and drive to go after what they would truly want to do in life.. Ask yourself if you woke up today and were told that it was your last day on earth, could you die happy doing what you do? My own personal dream is to be a professional wrestler and work for the best business in sports entertainment WWE. There are thousands of pro wrestlers in the world and the WWE is very rigorous when choosing people to work and represent the company in a positive way. I am at the start of my wrestling career with just a few matches behind me, but I honestly believe that I can make It to the highest level. It's the first thing I think of when I wake up and throughout my day i live my life to match that of my goals. To be a pro wrestler you need to be an athlete, in shape with a good look in order to really make a name for yourself in the business, so my diet and gym training regime is all designed to keep me making progress with this so that one day if I get the chance with the WWE I'll be ready. I come from Ireland were wrestling isn't really a big deal like it is in America or Canada etc but I don't allow that to dishearten me and my dream, I'm my head I see it happening one day and I will continue to work hard and stay focused on making it happen.

Every night when I get into bed I ask myself did I utilise 'My Time' today to do what was needed to be done to keep me driving towards my goals and dreams.. Did I work hard enough or could I have done more? Did I give my all to my workout or could I have done one more rep? Did I go out of my way to help someone when I could have? All these thoughts and more help me analyse each day and help me plan the next. What is the plan for tomorrow? What am I training, what am I eating? What do I need to do tomorrow to get me one step closer to where I want to be? You only live once you only get one shot at life, you don't want to look back at your life and regret not believing in yourself and creating the life you want to live, the only person that can tell you that you can't do it is YOU!

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