Chest & Back (Push & Pull)

One of my strong points I am told is my depth with my Chest and Back... People often ask how I have achieved this, the answer is simple.

I train opposing muscle groups together. In this instance Chest & Back.

Below is an example of a push/pull workout. Everything is Super setted which means I do one set on a Chest exercise then straight onto a set on a Back exercise with no rest between the two sets. (Sorry if this is teaching anyone how to suck eggs)

All the supersets are 5 sets of 5 reps.

Jamie Spencer Jamie Spencer

Superset 1

Flat Barbell Bench Press

Weighted Pull Ups (wide Grip)

Superset 2

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Seated Lat Pull down (Wide Grip)

Superset 3

Cable fly cross overs

Single Arm Bent over rows

Superset 4

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

Single upright Cable row (rotate hand when contracting muscle)

Superset 5

Decline Barbell Bench Press


*Tempo for all exercises is 2-0-1

**30-45 sec rest between supersets

So this workout should take no longer then 50-55 minutes. The reason it's 5 sets of 5 reps is that we are trying to build size so a heavier weight and lower rep range will help achieve this.

In total you will carry out 10 different exercises so the workout is demanding and what you may find is your weight select may be lighter then what you may normally lift due to the superset structure and that your working the opposing muscles constantly.

I will start blogging my workouts including the sets and rep range.

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*The tempo 2-0-1 is used as we control the movement when in the negative state and use explosive power when not.

I.E on Flat Bench Chest Press 2 seconds on the way down to the Chest no Pause at the bottom then 1 second on the way up, no pause at the top just straight into next rep.

**Rest 30-45 seconds between supersets is used as we want to still keep the intensity at which we train high. The aim is to be doing your second set while still recovering from your first set and so forth. It’s all about pushing the body as hard as you can to make it grow.

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