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Since taking to the fitness, I have discovered many of the misconceptions surrounding the industry, which will forever baffle me. There of course will always be the minority that judges the fitness industry for what it is but I don’t necessarily think that will ever change. The struggle for me, comes from the misunderstanding that in order to look the way I do, “all you have to do is lift a few weights, eat some chicken and drink a few protein shakes” yet unfortunately, it’s just not that simple!

Victoria Thornewell Victoria Thornewell

Sadly, people don’t understand the lifestyle adaptations you must make in order to be part of the industry. I get the comment “how long will you do this for?” a lot, yet for the most of us, competing is a life changing decision that can make or break you but once you’ve got ‘the bug’, competing will become a permanent fixture.

The relentless hours of hard work us fitness lovers put into the gym, the planning and effort that goes into creating meals that coincide with our allowances and the time and money that is put into ‘the process’ to continuously maintain and improve our physiques is very much overlooked by many.

Aside from the physical efforts of being a competitor, I find it sad that those judging the industry fail to see the mentally challenging side of things. Not only is competing physically draining at the best of times, but also mentally it makes a huge dent. For females, the scales can become your worst enemy, you can become blind to changes, you’re never satisfied and hormones will wrestle you to the floor if you let them!

With this in mind, since beginning my own transformation, I have joined many forums and Facebook groups and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that some females have a really tough time with becoming ‘stage ready’. Luckily, I’ve enjoyed every moment of my prep so far and my spirits remain high 13 weeks in, but I know this isn’t always the case.

Of course, the fitness industry isn’t everyone’s cup of (black) coffee and it will only take the odd comment to put some people off, however I truly believe that if you want to make it, have the drive to make it and are determined to fight the myths behind looking fabulous, then who cares!?

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