300lb Weight Loss Transformation - The Power of Role Models

Written by Mike Waudby

We all aspire and look up to people in many ways, either for their kindness, their passion, the difference they can make for others or even just how they look and appear, for instance your favourite Hollywood movie star or athlete. We seek a role model in order to learn their ways and so we can apply their values in our lives.

I’m Mike Waudby, a guy known for weighing in at a ridiculous 500lbs who was drinking himself to death as a recluse. Yet I shocked the world into almost disbelief with a transformation which was seen in over 150 countries around the world and regarded in many countries as the best ever seen and I still continue to improve that to this day. The ultimate question I always get obviously is, How did I do it? and all that is going to be revealed real soon but for the benefit of this article let me introduce you to something I would like people to know that has never been discussed until now about my incredible weight loss transformation.

I believe Inspiration to achieve something extraordinary is vital and like many of us growing we find someone to look up to ,well when I started my weight loss journey I felt I needed someone not only to find inspiration from but find a body and system I could aspire to obtain and relate to. I also needed a role model to follow, I needed educating in the right manner and I needed someone to literally help save my life. For me, it was now or never.

As an avid WWE wrestling fan I was always fascinated with the perfect body, image and fantasy physique that I dreamed of when I was at my heaviest. For example some days I wanted to be Jean Claude Van Dam, then others I wanted a bigger physique and decided I wanted to look like one of my favourite wrestlers The Ultimate Warrior (A little too extreme I know, but awesome entrance music!). These however seemed like a dream to me, a pure fantasy and as incredible as these people where, they couldn’t have helped at that time in my life a 500lbs lazy lard,who at the time continued to drink himself to death and could only fantasise about running into a wrestling ring with a 6 pack and 18inch guns or doing the splits while having girls gather around in awe.

This day dreaming however changed and I had a reality check as while I was online doing my usual surfing on trainers, and looking for information on losing weight I came across a man called Mike Pratt. Now first of all, it was a picture of his physique that first got my attention ! It was Ideal in every way to me, the only way I can explain it at the time looking back, was it was like an action man figure but with James Bond looks and a winning smile. Naturally I thought to myself you lucky bastard, but instead of doing my usual and passing Mike off as just a lucky bastard, hope was one of those genetic freaks and quite arrogant with it, I took time to read and find out more about Mike and I was taken aback by his career, his mentality and his ethics in which I have to say from all the coaches and experts I had researched online for years he was definitely unique and made an immediate impact on me. At the time I thought wow this is a guy who to me not only looks like a Hollywood movie star with a great looking physique, but also seemed deeply passionate about helping others and some of his opinions on training and mindset for weight loss for mere mortals like myself hit me with such impact it almost left me dazed.

Here's the best part to cut a long story short this guy Mike Pratt a guy with an amazing career, working up from nothing, achieving everything via hard work and dedication who has worked with and advised  celebrities and world class athletes was from my home town Hull! And guess what eventually this same guy agreed to consult and coach me, a once 500lbs feeling sorry for himself victim with not a lot going for him!

When I met Mike, I was star struck by his natural warmth, charisma and of course, his large wide shoulders, V-shaped back his small waist! he had a unique look not just his physique but his energy, he was a big personality without being loud and had an aura about him clearly very confident and exuded health and well being, everything I was not and wanted to be. I will never forget the first thing I said to him, which was  "I would love to have that I said, in which Mike replied “So what’s stopping you”.

The start of our 5 year journey had just begun, one that not only saved my life, but to this very day I’m learning from, correcting and improving in every way to be a role model just like my idol Mike Pratt.

I have used Mike’s life/mindset,training,diet and weight loss principles throughout my 300 lbs weight loss journey and by doing so I have to say not only did Mike contribute to my incredible weight loss and physique transformation, he probably helped save my life and most definitely has changed it beyond my belief forever. I won't lie there have been ups and downs, the emotions, the hugs we shared, the arguments, the laughs and I have even shed tears but they have all  turned a 500lbs waste of a life into an extremely proud man with not only his like back but I am perusing my new role in life which is to offer my expertise and real life experience in weight loss, physique and lifestyle transformation coaching as a representative of MP Performance Elite where now I can be a role model for someone and hopefully my story can inspire someone enough to change and maybe even save a persons life.

I have heard many people say you don’t need a coach, well in my humble opinion I have to disagree I am living proof, look at my story of a the 500lbs impossible client into one of the the world’s most incredible transformation to who is now coach himself simply speaks for itself.

I am and will always be deeply grateful to Mike for what I have learned from his training methods and gained from him sharing his opinions and outlook on life. Everything he explains not only makes perfect sense to me, it also seems so simple and it hits you like a slap in the face. This was the case for me every time I got the chance to work with him.

I felt I needed to tell this particular part of my story for many reasons mainly because of my belief in passion for coaching and the power of a great influence in your life and how it can change it. Also Mike will never take any credit for what he had done for me and has been quite low key but that is the Mark of the man so I guess I am saying it.

Today I am very proud when Mike calls me his weight loss and transformation Olympic gold mealiest . I call him a world class coach, a great motivator, my mentor, my role model, on the odd occasion an asshole when he’s shouting at me and busting my balls but most of all, I call Mike my idol.


Mike Waudby

The Weight Loss Warrior ( 300lbs transformation sensation)

(MP Performance Approved)

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