What your body can achieve in just 6 weeks!

So, I want to share with you the difference YOU can make within a short 6 weeks of smart yet flexible dieting, a strong training program and good supplements.

6 weeks ago, I embarked on this journey to test myself and see just how far I could push my mind and body to achieve a goal, which has been nibbling away at me for around 10 months. The ultimate aim was always to create a body that I would be proud of, but to also get recognition for my hard work and pure determination by showcasing my body on stage.

Victoria 6 Weeks Victoria 6 Weeks

Although there is a lot of negativity around women taking on a gym lifestyle and becoming “too muscular” or “lean”, this isn’t a deterrent. Many people have asked me “when will you give it up?” the answer is “I wont”, I’m not dieting and training for the sole reason of competitions, this for me is a LIFESTYLE of which stage presence is a pure bonus.

I’d like people to see how THEY can change their body, and I’m not talking to an extreme level, as I know “bodybuilding competitions” aren't everyone’s cup of tea, but I want to show what a little bit of blood, sweat, tears, willpower and motivation can do.

Below is my 6-week transformation, and with 12 weeks till show day, I can’t wait to see what else my body can achieve. As you can see, my glutes are lifting nicely and I’m starting to see prominent hamstrings, which is great. My biggest hang-up is, and always has been my stomach, but having stuck religiously to my diet, its slowly shrinking!

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