MyEndurance Hot Carbohydrate Loader Overview

Do you train early in the mornings? Are you not a breakfast person? Are you looking for a good breakfast for dieting? If yes, then the Hot Carbohydrate Loader from MyEndurance is for you!

The Hot Carbohydrate Loader boasts a diverse range of ingredients all beneficial to a number of goals. Here’s some examples of who may use this and how it will benefit you…

Early Morning Trainers

Mark Harrison Training Legs Mark Harrison Training Legs

If you train early in the mornings e.g. before work or as part of a commute, eating a good solid breakfast is not always convenient or desirable. However if you skip that meal, you could open yourself up to low blood sugar issues, lack of energy, and muscle wastage.

The Hot Carbohydrate Loader offers a high energy, breakfast alternative, in the form of a warm, satisfying pre-workout drink. The fulfilling texture gives you a feeling of fullness, and the great flavours make it easy to palate before those early morning grinds!

With 170mg of Caffeine, the Hot Carbohydrate Loader perks you up, giving you that kick-start that is sometimes needed, as well as the diverse Carbohydrates to fuel your training. The extra Protein makes this an ideal replacement for a food based breakfast.

Race Day Nutrition

Many races/events tend to involve early starts. Again the Hot Carbohydrate Loader lends itself perfectly to this. Sometimes anxiety before a race and those butterflies in the stomach can curb appetite, which is not ideal before a competition. This is an easy intake of nutrients and energy which can help you fuel your body without the need to eat a large meal.

The Hot Carbohydrate loader boosts Glycogen stores within the muscles and liver ready for performance, plus the added benefits of Electrolytes. These will help with muscle hydration and balance throughout your event.

Many events involve some travelling too, so this is a perfect on-the-go supplement to give your body the hit of nutrients it needs before a hard session or race.

Mark Harrison Mark Harrison

Weight Loss

Even though it has Carbohydrate in the name, this is actually a great meal replacement at breakfast time for those looking to lose weight! It contains great sources of Protein to help keep you feeling fuller for longer, and reduce feelings of hunger throughout the morning too!

The Hot Carbohydrate Loader contains healthy sources of Carbohydrates giving your body some sustained releases of energy. It contains less than 1g of Sugar per serving which makes it an amazing choice for your morning intake.

Caffeine is also shown to help with the oxidisation of fat. The Hot Carbohydrate loader contains 170mg which helps stimulate your body and kick start your body’s calorie burn for the day ahead.

Product Highlights

- Stimulating Pre-Workout Energy Source!
- 29g of Carbohydrates per serving (of which only 0.9g is sugar)!
- 11g of Protein per serving plus Glutamine Peptides!
- 170mg of Caffeine per serving for extra stimulation!
- Added Electrolyte blend for hydration!
- Less than £1 per serving!


Overall this product offers many benefits for a range of performance goals. It’s a great tasting product, offered in both Sweet Oat and Café Mocha flavours.

This offers a great source of both Protein and Carbohydrates, alongside the added benefits of Flaxseed, Glutamine Peptides and BCAAs. Not forgetting our all-important Electrolyte Blend and added Caffeine for that added edge.

The ingredients do allow this to be used as and when required in your training regime, so don’t take our recommendations as set in stone. Our brand name ‘MyEndurance’ follows the premise that everyone is an individual when it comes to training. So this should be remembered when tailoring both nutrition and sessions to meet your specific requirements.

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