Mr And Mrs Hull 2015 Mr And Mrs Hull 2015

When I had heard about the show I wasted no time buying a ticket and was ecstatic about the fact that bodybuilding had landed in Hull. After being to several NABBA and UKBFF regional qualifiers, British championships and Universe shows it had some high expectations to live up to.

The packed out show (1000+ spectators and 86 competitors) was well organised and the venue was a great fit for the competition. The amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes to make sure simple features such as the correct stage lighting, numbering of competitors for judging, and even down to correctly signposting the event/parking is huge.

The sign of a good show, with this in mind, is that you don’t even pick up on these factors because they are so well managed. This certainly was the case that Sunday! Hull and bodybuilding supporters that day owe a big thanks to Dan Welburn, Kevin Bonner and their team for showcasing such a well prepped class of athletes. But also our judges, MC and guest posers (Steve Flynn, Steve Johnson, Kay Goodwin, Jody Shuttleworth, Maurice Felstead, Andrea Felstead, Neil Smithers. Gary Lister, Stuart Garrington, and Sally Knights).

And now onto the even itself………..

We were all lucky enough to watch 3 great guest posers perform their own routines for the show, Sally Knights, Gary Lister and Stuart Garrington. The physiques were without a doubt something the spectators of Hull had not seen 1st hand before. The classes then ran one by one, including the initial line ups of the competitors in each class, individual routines as well as competitor comparisons (the breakdown of the criteria of each class however does differ and classes such as bikini and men’s physique also include slight variations in the way the physiques are presented, both in terms of posing and the individual routines). So the results are as follows:

  • 1st Timers - Chris Pickering
  • Over 40s - Mark Whittles
  • Toned Figure -Chelsey Hermann
  • Novice - David Neaves
  • Over 50’s -Terry Turner
  • Athletic Figure - Verity Garrington
  • Disability Class - Josh Goodfellow
  • Class 2 - Richard Gannon
  • Class 1 - Kade Kendall
  • Men’s Physique – Charlie Webster
  • Bikini - Stacey Greenfield
  • Trained Figure - Sarah Halkon
  • Mr Hull - Luke Fairless
  • Overall - Kade Kendall

The venue has already been booked for the 2016 show so I guess you could say bodybuilding is here to stay!

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