Mike Pratt And Monster Supplements Official Collaboration

It gives me great pleasure to personally announce my collaboration with Monster Supplements. My history with Monster Supplements goes all the way back to its inception with the founder and Managing Director himself, my good friend Mark Bowering. Me and Mark have always had professional and personal respect for each other and I have followed his success with his companies Monster Supplements and PhD Nutrition throughout the years. After our meetings for some time now it became apparent that Monster and my MP Performance brand were in the same stage of remodelling. Mark asked me if I would be interested in becoming the Official Spokesmodel and Head Ambassador for Monster Supplements, whilst at the same time being part of the launch and further development of my brand MP Performance.

This would be the first time I would have ever been associated with another brand which is quite a step for me as I have refrained from offers over the years.

Why now and why Monster Supplements?

The reason why, is how passionate and convinced Mark is that my name should be more public and also how much Mark and Monster Supplements would like to be part of my 30 year career and experience within the sport, physique and fitness industry; making me more accessible with new MP (Mike Pratt) Performance related products. From my point of view when you take into account the brand credibility, the popular and loyal following and overall successful history of Monster Supplements it was an obvious choice to make for me as at this point in time it benefits us both.

Another reason why I was sold on the idea is Monster Supplements' drive and intention for expanding its new resource department which will be dedicated to offering new, free and credible content for consumers along with working with and supporting industry professionals with opportunities to give themselves a platform to be seen and express their own knowledge and credible content to a large audience.

As the new Official Spokesperson and Head Ambassador I will be contributing and overseeing the resource to make sure that new ideas, content, personnel and information will be of a diverse and good standard whist working hard developing my new MP Performance projects and products to be available very soon.

I am very happy to be representing, being part of the new developments and being involved in the new projects that are happening with Monster Supplements where you will see more of me and what I am doing. So keep a look out for my interviews, videos, articles and my products, all hopefully coming really soon!

Mike Pratt

Official Spokesmodel and Head Ambassador

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