Meet Rosanna Harte - RCSS Sponsored athlete

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Rosanna Harte
RCSS (Ronnie Cole Signature Series) Sponsored athlete
Women’s Physique Division UKBFF/IFBB

Competition History

2 x British Bodybuilding Champion

3rd Arnold’s Bodybuilding 2013

2nd Arnold’s Women’s Physique 2014

I’ve been training and lifting weights for over 11 years now. My real skill is sculpting my physique to create perfect symmetry and balance for the stage. I like to think I’ve developed into a very smart trainer and everything I do in the gym has logic behind it.

I don’t just start my workout and think “my legs need to be bigger” so lift heavy on squats. I think it’s important to analyse the physique and then act accordingly to create a specific look. If I need more outer quad sweep I’ll try and isolate that area, changing foot stance and slowing down the movement.

Before I started bodybuilding I was a dancer. I’ve danced since the age of three in many disciplines such as ballet, tap and contemporary. Maybe at first it would seem strange to combine the dance and bodybuilding but I really believe that one compliments the other. I think my dance background gives my physique a ‘classic’ look with sculpture-like qualities and really gives me the edge over other competitors when it comes to posing and routines.

5 Important factors that come into my training


Coming from a dance background, flexibility has always been an important part of my daily routine and it’s just as important now I’m doing bodybuilding. Weight training without training can cause all sorts of restrictions. It can restrict muscle growth and physically restrict your range of motion. It’s important that the surrounding fascia needs to be stretched and become more pliable in order to give the muscle fibres room to grow.

I believe stretching gives the muscle a better shape and also better definition. It will most definitely aid in avoiding injury and when it comes to presenting your physique on stage you need flexibility to hit those poses with perfection.


I believe weight lifting and bodybuilding are two different things. If you’re bodybuilding, then the goal is to eventually present a beautiful and aesthetic physique on show day so it’s not always just about lifting a heavier weight each week and logging it in a progress book. So, Isolating individual muscle groups as much as is possible is very important. I used to lift 18-20kg dumbbells for shoulder side raises and had very little muscle growth in my delts (my traps were huge though). I now lift 7kg on side raises with more controlled reps, correcting posture to make sure my delts are engaging. I also find that doing half reps and pulses for prolonged periods of time (90 seconds) superset with the slow and isolated full range reps are helpful for muscle growth.


My eating habits are pretty straightforward. I like to eat quite large amounts of healthy (organic where I can) and clean foods. I don’t like binge eating on junk food, but I do enjoy a quality meal in a restaurant once or twice a week and will order whatever I like.

A rough guide to my daily eating habits on a diet are:

6 meals a day

200g protein (chicken, salmon, white fish, eggs, RCSS Iso-Tropic Max)

300g carbs (Potato, sweet potato, rice, oats, salad, green veggies, Quinoa)

60g Fats (Udo’s Oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, salmon, egg yolks)


My daily Supplement Program is:


1 Scoop Amino Tone

1 Scoop Glutamine-XS

1 Beta-Stim capsule

Pre workout

1/2 Scoop Iso-Tropic Max

Stacked-N.O. (3 caps)

1 Scoop Glutamine-XS

1 Scoop Creatine-XS

Post Workout

1-2 Scoops Iso-Tropic Max or Tropical Punch flavour King Beef


1 Scoop Resurrect-PM

1 Scoop Glutamine-XS

Favourite Supplements and why?

Stacked-N.O. because it gets your muscles so full and pumped with no stimulant effect.

Resurrect-PM, because it gives you better quality sleep and not only has a positive effect on your training, but also your daily life. You feel more focused and motivated each day due to the enhanced recovery it gives.

High Frequency Training

I believe different training methods work for different people. For me, I respond very well to higher frequency training. If I’m getting ready for a competition I train my glutes 4-6 times a week and shoulders 3-4 times a week. This style of training keeps my muscles fuller and I progress much faster with muscle growth.

Rascals Leg Workout


Leg Extensions (feet pointing in) superset with walking dumbbell lunges (30 steps)

1 X 15 reps, 1 X 15 reps, 1 X 12 reps, 1 X 10 reps, 1 X 8 reps

Single leg on vertical leg press (centre, toe pointing inwards)

4 X 20 on each leg (try doing mid-range pulses if you reach failure, isolate quad)

Hack Squat

2 X 20 reps, 1 X 10, 1 X 8 drop set 3 times until failure

Static Lunges with the Bar/Smith Machine

1 X 30 reps, 1 X 20 reps, 1 X 12 reps

Smith Machine Squats (deep, seated down to ankles, only raise up half way to just above parallel. Each rep you will go down to the floor and on the raise you will try to go slowly and isolate quads, sumo style or close stance depending on which area of the quad I want to hit)

1 X 50, 1 X 25, 1 X 10

Hamstrings, Calves & Glutes

Seated Hamstring Curls (Add in double bounce at the contraction, slow down the movement and ensure each rep has a good squeeze) superset with adductor machine

2X 20, 1X 15, 1X 12, 1X 10

Bench Dumbbell Hamstring Curls (flat bench, in press up position with knees hanging off the bench, quads rested on bench, dumbbell between feet and curl up and squeeze feet together)

1 X 15 reps, 1 x 12, 1 x 10, 1 x6

Lying Hamstring Curls (slow and controlled with resistance by training partner on the negative)

4 sets 6-15 reps

Glute cable Kickbacks

With ankle attachment, attach to cable/or ankle weights

Kick back with straight leg until glute is clenched, right leg 15 reps, kick back from bent bring leg in front of you with bent leg, kick straight back like a donkey kick, 15 reps. Finally with straight leg lift out to the side 15 reps. Swap legs and repeat. Do this 3 times on each leg.

Sumo Squats with 1 dumbbell held in both hands between the legs. Keep your chest up and out, squeeze glutes at the top and push pelvis forward

Reverse Adductor Machine for Glutes (kneeling on the chair facing the back rest)

3X 15 reps


Calves - Leg Press machine or standing calf raise (increasing weight)

100 reps, 50 reps, 25, 12


GLUTES these can be super-setted between quad exercises for time

Bridges on the ball or bench 20kg plate on pelvis 3 X 15 on each leg

Ankle weights or cable with ankle attachment

Straight leg 3x15

Glute Kickbacks 3x15

Glute Side Raises 3x15



Seated Calf Raise

4 X 20 reps (increasing weight) and finish with a triple drop set


Glutes can be done as many as 5 times a week after fasted cardio to help develop them and give a leaner look around that area.

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