Adam’s 12 week ADAPTATION

What can you really achieve in just 12 week’s with the right nutrition, training and supplementation?

CB Conditioning (Chris Brodie) wants to put this to the test! So with the help of a good friend Adam Oxley my goal in the next 12 weeks with a lot of planning, adaption and hard work is to test to what degree you can transform your body composition. By pushing Adams limits day in day out in the gym and keeping him on track with a complete diet overhaul I hope to bring him back in a condition which will grab some attention!

In this article I am going to start off by focusing on his diet and follow up with my next article on his training as this isn’t going to just be your run of the mill “eat healthy and lift heavy” plan . Below is a current typical days eating in the life of Adam:

Breakfast 500ml Orange Lucozade’s
2 x 25g Bag of Walkers crisps
Lunch Cheeseburger & chips
Sausage roll
Steak bake
500ml Orange Lucozade’s
Dinner Spaghetti Bolognaise
330ml Coca Cola


Adam Pre Transformation Adam Pre Transformation

Adams original diet was not what I would call healthy or fit for the goal of this transformation. Looking at each of the 3 meals (I use the term “meals” loosely) we can see the vast majority of his calories come from carbohydrates and fats. Most of these carbohydrates in the form of sugar and a large quantity of the fats being saturated.

To give you a bit of background on Adam he has been training in the gym for only 2 months, giving him some knowledge of how to apply himself, but overall this means that he is entering the transformation with basically a clean slate in terms of experience. His stats are as follows:

  • Age: 19
  • Weight: 76kg
  • Height: 5,10
  • Bodyfat percentage: 14%


The new diet is dramatically different and goal orientated! Also something I feel is a good starting block in terms of both quality and quantity of food:

Meal 1: Breakfast Shake Liquid egg whites
Flax seed
Whey protein
Meal 2 Chicken
Sweet potato
Snack Rice cakes
Natural peanut butter
Whey protein
Meal 3 White rice
Egg whites
Pre-Workout PRE-TRAIN
Train N/a
Post Workout ADAPT BCAAS
Whey Isolate
Meal 4 Salmon
Sweet potato


I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be a major shock to the system! Keeping the meals small, with as many calories as possible from whole foods, the above plan is going to be our starting block. It’s rich in high BV sources of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats from fish, eggs and nut butters. It also provides vitamin, mineral and antioxidant packed fibrous greens and fruit.

With regards to supplements ADAPT NUTRITION have him covered along with a pure dextrose and whey protein product. ADAPT have been good enough to send across a triple stack of products to make ensure he is performing at optimum during his workouts and recovering as fast as possible. Into his pre/post workout nutrition we will be supplementing the following:

 Pre-Train BCAA+ GH Assist

PRE-TRAIN is without a doubt one of the best pre-workout formulas on the market to date. ADAPT have got the balance of ingredients for energy, focus, endurance and pump nailed. The BCAA+ includes all 3 branch chains and can be used both pre and post workout to aid muscle recovery. The GH ASSIST and this is by far one of the most underutilized type of supplements available is used to boost growth hormone when needed most around your workout. For more information on GH ASSIST click across to my previous article via the following link;

So keep checking the Monster resource and Facebook for future transformation articles, videos and posts.

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