8 Great Ways To Stay Motivated During Prep

Staying positive, motivated and focused during prep isn’t easy when things are pulling your mind left, right and center! For example, being hungry is a standard, everyday emotion when prepping for a competition, but the prepping process for a show shouldn't be about how much you suffer.

Here are a few of things that have kept me motivated during prep so far, give them a try!

1. Go and watch similar shows to the one you are partaking in

This for me is a MUST! Its important to scope out what the experience is like from a spectator’s point of view to understand what it takes to win a show. I’ve been along to a few UKBFF competitions recently just to see how things are done in order to prepare myself for my competition in July. Not only will going to shows let you see the outcome of the process your currently undergoing, but it gives you the biggest buzz to get up on stage!

2. Take weekly progress pictures

For some, this may be daunting because of the fear of not liking what they see but for those who are serious about a transformation, they’re a god send, and a great tool which should be used. Often the scales can dampen hard work as they may not reflect your current condition, however I strongly believe that true progress can be seen clearly in images and also the way you feel about yourself.

3. Have a session with a good PT once a fortnight

I personally think this is a winner. Although I have a coach for my nutrition, diet and check in/weigh ins, I currently train with a highly skilled, well recommended fitness coach once a month just to check that things are going well and I’m where I need to be training wise. Once I get closer to show day, I have every intention of increasing these sessions to once a fortnight, then once a week to ensure I’m taking the best package I can onto that stage. This is a great tool to not only help with training and kill old habits, but it’s a huge confidence booster and some solid moral support.

4. Surround yourself with people who have similar interests

I’m sure many competitors out there can sympathise with me on this one! There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by people who are critical of the way you live your life, the way you “eat too much”, to way you’re “boring” because you don’t drink on prep etc… It’s vital you stick to the circle of people who understand who you are, what your doing and why your doing it!

5. Take your rest days!

Rest days are a god send that should be appreciated! If you’re confident you’ve put in the hard work on your training days, rest days shouldn’t be a problem. Until I was seriously prepping for my competition, I didn’t understand rest days and I didn’t feel tired enough to take advantage of them, but now it’s a completely different story. Give your body the rest bite it deserves, please!

6. Set your phone background to your fitness idol

Every time you check your phone, your idol is staring you in the face! What more motivation could you need!? Mine is currently Ashley Kaltwasser IFBB Bikini Pro.

7. Train with someone you can rely on

As hard as it may be to find a training partner who is on your level and wants the same things out of training as you do, IF you find them, KEEP them! I currently train on my own but there are 2 people at my gym that I know I can rely on to give me a hand when I need them (sometimes it’s needed, especially if the weight is super heavy). If the people your training with understand you and why your training so hard, they can help push you to your limits!

8. Keep your goal/vision in mind at all times

Always, always, always keep your vision in mind. I find that often I’ll get cravings for foods that I know full well I cant have but it’s a case of “Remember why your doing this!!” to make me stop and not reach for it. The same goes for training, if I’m struggling or having a down day and I know I’m not pushing as hard as I could (which happens!), I let the voices in my head that told me to do this in the first place, speak to me!

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