12 Week Transformation CHECK IN + Progress photos

Ok so since my initial post there has been a lot of hard work going on in the background! Adam’s diet has been on point, with only a couple of instances where some clarification has been needed, but these have been small such as chewing gum (which was full of sugar). Overall for a 1st time diet I am more than happy with the progress, as the changes made where more than drastic, as you will know from my 1st article. I think Adam has a new love for his cheat meals with some crazy week day cravings for vanilla ice cream and custard creams, along with a new found appreciation for food.

But let’s get down to the training structure we have been using, below is a basic breakdown of the framework used (further information on reps ranges, technique and how to adapt this plan to your own physique visit CB Conditioning 

Monday - LEGS

Vertical leg press 4 3 x 10-121 x Pyramid set 1.5 Minutes
Hack squat 6 2 x 20 (Explosive reps)2 x Triple drop sets

2 x Negative sets

1.5 Minutes
Lunges 3 3 x 100m Shuttles 1.5 Minutes
Leg extensions 3 3 x 10-12 + Drop sets negatives 1.5 Minutes
Seated calve raise (Wide feet) SS Standing calve raise (close feet) 10 20 Per exercise 10 Seconds


Tuesday - Chest

Incline dumbbell press SS Incline plate press 4 4 x 10-12 + 6-10 (With isometric squeeze) 1.5 Minutes
Cable fly variation 4 4 x 10-12 + Drop sets 1.5 Minutes
Flat dumbbell press 4 10-12 + Isometric squeezes 1.5 Minutes
Pec –deck SS Cable pullovers 4 4 x 15-20 + 6-10 (2 second stretch) 1.5 Minutes


Wednesday - Back

Deadlifts 5 1 x 201 x 15

1 x 10

1 x 8

1 x 6

1.5 Minutes
Iso-lateral front lat pulldown 4 2 x 10-12 + Isometric squeezes2 x 10-12 Triple drop sets 1.5 Minutes
Low pulley row 4 4 x 40 (5 Rep then stretch, 5 reps then isometric squeeze) 1.5 Minutes
Overhand face pulls SS under hand face pulls 4 4 x 10-12 Per exercise 1.5 Minutes


Thursday - Shoulders

Dumbbell Side lateral – overhead front raise – overhead press (one movement tri-set) 4 10-12 1.5 Minutes
Barbell Upright row 4 4 x 10-12 + 20 Rep drop set with isometric squeeze 1.5 Minutes
Single arm machine shoulder press n (no rest between arms) 4 10-12 Zero
Cable side laterals (bent over 45° angle) 4 10-12 1.5 Minutes


Friday - Legs

Lying machine hamstring curl 4 4 x 10-12 + Negative drop set 1.5 Minutes
Straight leg deadlift 4 10-15 1.5 Minutes
Lunges (forward leaning) 4 4 x 50m Shuttle 1.5 Minutes
Abductor machine 5 5 x 10-12 Rep squat position, 10-12 seated 1.5 Minutes


Saturday – Arms/Abs

Lying overhead dumbbell tricep extensions 10 10x 5-20 Reps 10 seconds
Close grip smith machine bench 4 10-12 + 2 Second isometric squeeze 1.5 Minutes
Olympic barbell curls 10-12 1.5 Minutes
Dumbbell FST7’s 7 10-15 Zero
Hanging leg raises 6 2 x 10-20 Standard raise2 x 10-20 Right oblique raise

2 x 10-20 Left oblique raise


1 Minute
Raised cable crunches 6 2 x 10-20 Standard crunch2 x 10-20 Right oblique crunch

2 x 10-20 Left oblique crunch


1 Minute
Adams Progress So Far Adams Progress So Far


Now it’s not just your basic 3 sets of 3 exercises because I wanted to try to provide something that was going to accelerate his progress and we have currently added in a further 2 morning session. I have made sure his nutrition has given him what he needs to recover, but also been very conscious to keep body fat as low as possible in the process, being on hand almost each day to amend things where needed. ADAPT NUTRITION’s GH Assist and Pre-Train have been driving him through his workouts, because with an average of 1.5 minutes rest these workouts are far from easy! This rest time may not seem that little but compared to the average gym goer who may not pay much attention to this variable, it proves for one intense workout.

As I am VERY big on mind to muscle connection this is something Adam and I have worked on throughout the routine. We have focused on making sure the muscle group being worked is in a position of mechanical disadvantage, and greater stress is put on the muscle at both extremities of its strength curve. This is done by manipulating the force angles in relation to when the muscle is at its shortest and longest for greater muscle contraction and growth.

One thing is for sure…… IT HAS BEEN WORKING!

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