Why Carbs Are My New Best Friend

Victoria With Kettlebells Victoria With Kettlebells

So this week I began week 4 of my training and nutrition program ready for July. The first 3 weeks were extremely testing and I found it hard not to go outside my recommended macros, but I’ve really surprise myself and sailed through to week 4 more positive than ever.

The human brain is very clever at keeping you focused when you begin to see results and I have found that because I am sticking to my diet, while focusing hard on my training the results are very very visible.

The one thing I have realised in this process so far, is the huge importance of good, strong, healthy carbs. Although I never avoided carbs before seeking advice from my fabulous coach, I didn’t truely believe they were my ‘friend’ but when you become restricted to a certain amount a day, you soon realise that carbs are a necessity for both performance and sanity!

I currently eat 5 to 6 meals a day, of which 4 contain some form of good, solid, healthy carbs. Without these my performance in the gym would seriously suffer, and that’s the last thing I need after a day at work.

My favourite carby meal at the moment is my macro pasta bake!

200g of 5% fat mince beef
100g of Chopped, tinned tomatoes
60g of Green beans
20g of Feta cheese
Pinch of pepper

I put all this together into a glass dish, cut the feta cheese into tiny pieces and sprinkle it over the pasta and mince. Grill for about 10 minutes so the pasta on the top goes slightly crispy and the cheese melts between the gaps!

Meal consumption:

Calories 433
Carbs 29g
Fats 14g
Protein 48g

Do I consume carbs on a non-training day too? Of course! Although carb consumption should be lower on rest days, even when you’re not in the gym your body will be on the look out for ‘fuel’!

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