The Making Of Reflex's R Bar®

The R-Bar® has been a 2 year project for the Research and Development Team here at Reflex Nutrition. However, to understand the foundations of the product, you have to go even further back to our original protein bar; Pit Stop®. Pit Stop® was our first high protein bar that came to the market 7 years ago. Undoubtedly, it was a good product with a great taste and had a macro nutrient profile that was similar to the rest of the bars on the market. The problem lies in that unlike all the other products within the Reflex Nutrition range, Pit Stop® bars were outsourced for manufacturing, these meant we had a product that was essentially the same as the rest of the market. We took a decision to remove Pit Stop® from the market, even though commercially it was a good seller, there was nothing unique about it and we decided to undertake the task of creating our own protein bar.

Two years ago, we found a site that was only 20 meters from our current manufacturing base in Woodingdean, Brighton and acquired the site for the single purpose of creating the best protein bar possible. We knew that we had to create a protein bar positively different to what is currently available on the market but also deliver on key areas, these were:

  • Only use high quality sources of protein and be completely free from Soy Protein
  • Contain no GMO ingredients, palm oil and be free from gluten
  • Sweetened naturally using stevia
  • Provide a high quality fibre source
  • Low in sugar

It’s fair to say that we have undertaken a sizeable project, not just on product development but creating a manufacturing facility that could produce the end product. During 2014, our production team worked with leading manufacturing companies globally to source bespoke machinery that would allow us to manufacture the end product.

As we sit here in 2015, we believe that we’ve created a product that has hit our initial brief exactly!! R-Bar® delivers a textural experience that is unrivalled in the protein bar category and the product is available in 6 mouth-watering flavours.

To understand why the R-Bar® is unique, here is a re-cap of what each and every bar delivers:

  • 20g of Ultra High Quality EU sourced milk proteins.
  • The finest nut butters as base for the product, delivering a healthy source of natural fats.
  • Made using super highly quality cocoa butter, natural flavours and sweetened naturally with stevia.
  • Free from Isomalto-oligosacchardies (IMO) Syrup*
  • Delivers up to 10g of fibre per bar with only a maximum 2g of sugar dependant on flavour.


A key point for me to touch upon is that we made a choice to not use IMO Syrup which is used in other bars due to that it causes an increase in blood sugar similar to glucose and is not suitable for diabetics.

It’s also worth knowing that we’ve also taken a stance against the use of palm oil due to its environmental impact. It's manufacture has been responsible for significant deforestation and subsequent damage to natural habitats affecting a range of flora and fauna in areas that are the natural habitat of orang-utans.  To highlight the issue, we’ve adopted 10 orang-utans from The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Trust and will be adding further support as we move forward. We are joining the ranks of others who have undertaken positive action on this front and hope that you will join us by selecting products that avoid its use.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one of two R Bar Selection Boxes then simply Comment on this post what you think your favourite R Bar flavour will be!

  • Cherry Bake-well
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Chocolate Peanut Caramel
  • Double Chocolate Brownie
  • White Chocolate Apricot
  • White Chocolate Raspberry

Winner will be announced VIA the Monster Supplements Facebook & Twitter on Monday! Good Luck to all!

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