Meet Adapt Nutrition CEO Adam Dickinson

Monster Supplements speak to the CEO of Adapt Nutrition and find out a little bit more about the brand and the story of the company's CEO Adam Dickinson..

Adam Dickinson Adapt Nutrition Adam Dickinson CEO at Adapt Nutrition

Meet Adapt Nutrition CEO Adam Dickinson

My name is Adam Dickinson and I am the CEO of Adapt Nutrition. I am what you would call a weight training enthusiast with a passion for Sport Supplements.

I’ve been hitting the weights since the age of 16. I started at home with a couple of dumbbells and then over the years trained in a number of different gyms, from your hardcore gym to your health club.

Ever since I picked up that first dumbbell I have loved it but what has intrigued me the most is how different supplements can have a major effect on your training, recovery and level of performance. That passion is what lead to my career in Sports Nutrition & Supplementation.

The Experience

Adapt Nutrition Adaptolean

I’ve been in the Sport Supplement Industry for 15 years now and during that time have amassed a wealth of experience. So the time came where I wanted my own brand, Adapt Nutrition.

I wanted to create products which represented the supplements that I would use because I know that they work. So we set out some key criteria for Adapt Nutrition;

Quality – There are just too many brands out there that don’t represent or give the consumer this. I will not produce products that I would not use myself.
Potency – All products list each individual ingredient. No proprietary blends.
Effectiveness – Each product needs to work!
Compliancy – Each product had to adhere to the new EU Novel Food regulations and labelling requirements.
Innovation – Made more challenging by point 4, but each product needed to be innovative, bringing something new.
Our current range is small but effective, consisting of 6 products – PreTrain, GH Assist, Testo +, CreaTec 1500, BCAA+ & AdaptoLean.

You can read more about Adapt Nutrition products here 

The Goal

I want Adapt Nutrition products to help you reach your goals, whether they be to bench a few more reps, hit a new PB under the squat rack or even just reduce muscle soreness.

With the right nutrition, training and supplementation you can achieve your goals. If you fail at the first attempt, do not give up and #BeStrongAdapt !

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