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SCI-MX®’s development squad recently focused on improving their best-selling protein shake – ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN to increase the protein content and improve the taste profile. The result is their best-ever tasting pure whey protein shake, delivering a dairy like mouth feel in four delicious flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana.

ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN contains cold processed, cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein; a superior production method to guarantee the whey retains its natural structure and full muscle building qualities. ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN contains whey isolates and hydrolysates; forms of whey that produce a rapid intra-muscle amino acid spike. A 45g serving delivers 35g whey protein, 4.7g of natural glutamine and 6.1g of BCAA’s (2.8g l-leucine, 1.7g l-isoleucine and 1.6g l-valine). This essentially provides a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, making it an excellent pre/post workout shake to support muscle anabolism.

Every biological function, from breathing and absorbing oxygen, to the formation of the connective tissue and the triggering of new muscle fibre creation, is controlled by thousands of different enzymes – all of which are protein.

It’s not surprising that nutrition scientists consider protein intake to be one of the key factors in physical development and performance. To build a better, bigger, stronger body you need the right amount of protein and ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN can support this by offering rapid intra-muscular amino acid absorption, nourishing worked muscles to kick-start protein synthesis, recovery and growth.

SCI-MX Athlete Daniel Ventura’s take on SCI-MX ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN

“I've used ULTRA WHEY™ as my no. 1 protein source for over 7 years now. In that time SCI-MX® have made some significant changes to the formula to improve taste and nutrient composition. I especially like ULTRA WHEY™  because of its high protein and negligible carbs (avg 2 grams or less) content, making it very versatile for eating as well as drinking. On a high carb day I like to use a cup of oats, two heaped scoops of ULTRA WHEY™, a cup of almond or coconut milk and mix whilst nuking in the microwave - if I'm feeling run down I'll add a heaped teaspoon of Manuka honey too.

During the day (on a low carb day) I'll drink two scoops of ULTRA WHEY™ with water and before bed I'll blend two scoops with coconut or almond milk to make it a slow release protein whilst I'm sleeping.

This is by far THE VERY BEST protein powder I've ever used and would recommend it to anyone, man or woman."

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