High Protein Almond Porridge

One of our 'training day' staple breakfast meals is the High Protein Almond Porridge.

It's quick and simple and ticks all the essential macros without disturbing blood sugars too much. We add cinnamon to the mix which decreases the insulin response further. This is a very tasty and convenient meal when you don't have time to scramble eggs and cook salmon etc.


- 60gr oats

- 30gr PhD Diet Whey (Vanilla flavour)

- Handful of almonds (essential fats)

- 10gr ground flax seeds (high in omega 3)

- 1/2 tsp of cinnamon

- 250ml of Almond milk


High Protein Almond Porridge High Protein Almond Porridge

Place all the powders and nuts into a cereal bowl then add the Almond Milk.

Mix with a spoon and place in a Microwave oven for 2m 40s on power 800.

Add more almond milk to achieve your desired thickness.

If you wanted to add a small handful of fresh Blueberries then this will add to the sweetness and texture.


Calories 735
Fat 31g
Carbohydrates 72g
Protein 42g
Sugar 4g

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Protein Yum was born from a desire to help the modern athlete enjoy the foods they would normally have to miss out on while training. Whatever you fancy we can help you make it, through this site you will be able to browse our delicious menus, download our cook books or watch some of our video tutorials and cook along with our Protein Yum Chefs.
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