Let’s talk CLEAN ENERGY with no post workout CRASH that’s going to give you some of the BEST SESSIONS you have ever had!
Your training session is only one part of your blueprint for success. With that being said remove this and no matter how good your nutrition and routine your plan will fall apart.
As the saying goes...

eat sleep gym repeat eat sleep gym repeat

So we can safely say it is PARAMOUNT you give 100% during your sessions, each and every day. Now we all have good days and bad days that goes without saying. Everyone can perform well on a good day, it’s how we perform on bad days that sets apart the good from the GREAT.

Personally I can’t afford bad workouts and my workouts change all the time to keep progress flowing. Because if you have a goal any time just “maintaining” as people say, is wasted time my eyes. Finding a pre-workout that ticks all the boxes has been a lot of trial and error! I want to be focused in the gym but not up all night like some nocturnal nutter, I also don’t just want to be vascular, strong and focused during the 1st 30 minutes of my workout… I want it to last!

Adapt Nutrition Pre Train 300g Adapt Nutrition Pre Train 300g

So….. Loaded with Bitter Orange Peel, Caffeine, Barley Extract, B vitamins, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline and CoQ10 you will have all the energy you need through a variation of metabolic and neurological pathways from ADAPT NUTRITIONS PRE-TRAIN.

Along with Betaine to prolong muscular endurance, meaning you will be able to give it everything, start to finish! While AAKG, Citrulline Malate, L-Taurine and Beta-Alanine push NO production & retention to the maximum, giving you that crazy vascularity and pump.





I thought what better time to use it than before a leg session, so yeah you can say I like to live dangerously! Workout below:

Smith machine squats (wide feet) 1 x 80
3 x 8-10
3 Minutes
Hack squat (Narrow feet) + Sissy squat superset 3 x 8-12 + 8-12 3 Minutes
Lunges (50 metre shuttle) 3 x 50m 4 Minutes
Leg extensions (5 second isometric holds) 3 x 15-20 2 Minutes

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