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Hi guys,

For anyone that doesn’t know me my name is Adam James Parr and a proud member of Team Grenade since 2013.

I am former England rugby player who then made the switch to physique training in 2013. Since then I have won Miami Pro World Championships and crowned World Champion Muscle Model. I now compete with the WBFF in the Muscle Model category; my next competition is June 2015 where I will be aiming to earn my Pro Card.


Prep for this competition has already started, and one the areas I have been trying to work on is building quality lean muscle, and here is where Grenade AT-4 steps in.

Grenade AT-4 for anyone that doesn’t know is a supplement designed to boost your natural testosterone levels, making you more anabolic, gaining both strength and size. The team at Grenade have been working on this product for years to ensure maximal results.


Who is it Suitable For?

Anyone who is looking to add lean muscle mass and improve recovery before sessions or matches. Using this product I have noticed significant strength gains, so anyone looking to increase their strength - this product is for you.


So When Do I take it?

My morning routine is to have AT-4 every morning with my breakfast (x6 capsules). I like taking them this way, simply because its easy, I don’t forget and the AT4 never leaves the breakfast table! You could take a split dose, so x3 capsules in the morning and then another x3 capsules pre/ post training.

I am currently following a x5 day training split, I take the AT4 on the days I train, and on rest days I don’t. Like all products it is better to cycle the product than to stay on it all the time.

I will follow this sequence for 8weeks and then have 4 weeks off. I have been doing that ever since Grenade introduced the product and its worked great for me, stayed lean in my off-season whilst gaining muscle.


So What Are the Magic Ingredients in the Product?

One of the main ingredients is a form of D-Aspartic Acid, which has been shown to support nature testosterone levels. The product also includes Fenurex, Passiflora Caerulea, Boron and Vitamin D3, but all these together and you have a winning product.

Thanks for reading this review, hope it gives you a better insight into the product.

Below are the links to my social media if you would like to follow my journey to the WBFF stage next year.


Twitter @AdamParrAthlete


Instagram @AdamJamesParr


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